Thursday, January 17, 2013

The one on the "Happily Ever After"

Dear fabulous beings,

I haven't forgotten about you, and nor have your emails, comments, tweets and dm's gone unnoticed. I have merely opted to take time out to reflect on all the fabulousness happening around us every single day. Dubai has been growing and the fashion bloggers/ lifestyle editors have expanded termendously since the time I started this blog. Whether its a hip new restaurant, shopping extravaganzas, fabulous artsy treats, super luxe pampering treatments or mellow hang outs u were looking for, its all just a click away. Fabulous bloggers, thank you!

This post, however, long overdue, is just a gentle whisper to all of you out there looking for the "recette du bonheur". When I started blogging I talked about  "Joie de vivre" and I knew there was an infinite well of joy which we can tap into if we were to enjoy every day as we should.

Alors, behold the recipe of happiness.. and may all your days be filled with joy, love and harmony. Always!

1. Body: happiness is ensuring your body is in harmony. Eat well. Treat it well. Exercise and stretch. And most importantly don't forget to BREATH. Water makes up 72% of your body, so make sure you stay hydrated.

2. Mind: practice mindfullness. Positive living is about remembering the good times and visualizing your fabulous future all the while being grateful for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you are becoming. Your mind is powerful yet sensitive, so be gentle with your thoughts.

3. Spirit: being spiritual is a way of life. Remember your essence, have faith in god and pray.. always. Prayers are not only a way to connect to Allah, but also a way of incorporating spirituality into your every day life.

So there it is, a sparkly update which I hope will make your day!

- to a fabulous year ahead!

p.s I am now on instagram: FastidiousBabe