Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Whoever said we can't do anything?

Israel said there would be no let up until the threat of Palestinian rockets attacks from the Gaza Strip had been removed.

"There is no room for a ceasefire," Meir Sheetrit, Israel's interior minister, said.

"The Israeli army must not stop the operation before breaking the will of Palestinians, of Hamas, to continue to fire at Israel."


Things we can do:

-Please sign this Petition to stop the blood shed in Gaza!

-The Palestinian Consulate in Dubai are organizing a specific day soon for a blood donation drive. The blood will be sent to the victims suffering in Gaza under the merciless hands of the Israeli government/army.

- A group is gathering in Dubai JBR tonight to light candles for Palestine Check it out here

If anyone knows of any other events please keep us posted!

- to unity.


Sarah's bag- neon burkas n feyonkas clutch..

Don't know who would bee edgy enough to carry it, but its super cute lol

- to mixing it up (a little ;p) xx
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What's with the weather?

I think the visibility is less than 10..

Thick fog is what it is..

Is this the situation everywhere?
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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

This just in..

As a sign of solidarity with the Palestinian people, Sh. Mohammed ordered the cancellation of all new year's celebrations in Dubai.

I got this while I was packing for tomorrow's plan (we had already booked a week ago) but I kinda felt better knowing we would cancel.. After all, how can you really enjoy anything while our fellow Muslims are being slaughtered by the masses..

So yes, we canceled our plans.. I'm Glad.

Don't know how the hotels are going to deal with it, what with the economical crisis.. I'm sure its going to be a bit of a blow..

As for the situation in Gaza: Israeli ministers will weigh a French proposal for a 48-hour cease-fire in the Gaza Strip after four days of debilitating air strikes against Hamas targets that have left more than 360 Palestinians dead.

- here's to cutting down the losses, and stopping the blood shed.

Qu'est-ce qu'on a aimé cette anneé?

Elle Jan 09

Every year, my obsessions fade into the past except for those cherished items that make it to my closet! This year, however, I have my blog (with pics!) to remind me of all the eye candy i lusted over those past seasons.. which is kinda cool! Kinda acts as a baseline for my fashion sense lol

Last year I remember my summer gladiators, romantic ruffles, cardigan craze, getting waisted (skinny and big belts were all over the place), plaid (yes plaid), Balmain's Bling, lace! (i love love loved that trend), the gossip girl head band.. everything bowtastic (always and forever).. mmm to name a few!

Amids the financial crisis, trends did not cease to emerge..
Shoe trends.. detailed heels then not so much of a heel (a la marc jacobs).. the open toed bootie.. Cut-outs..
Patterns..plaids..florals.. echo-friendly fabric.. and organic makeup.. shimmery eyeshadow.. black nails..the round mascara..the vibrating mascara.. the oxygen facial..the 24 k gold facial..multi-tasking makeup..
Big bags, ankle bags, tiny clutches, mega clutches.. it goes on and on and on..

So.. What trends did u absolutely love this year? Or maybe there was a trend that got on your bad side (black lips, par example?) lol

Whatever it is.. DO TELL!

- to outlasting the trends ;) xx

Will there be "change" ?

"The United States understands that Israel needs to take actions to defend itself," said White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe.

Israeli officials know they can count on the Bush administration's support but are less sure about how an Obama administration would have reacted were they to have launched this operation after 20 January.

"If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that," said Mr Obama during a visit to Sderot last august. "And I would expect Israelis to do the same thing."


"Obama promised in a 2007 speech that in the first 100 days of his administration he would travel to a "major Islamic forum" to make a speech "to define our struggle".

"I will make clear that we are not at war with Islam, that we will stand with those who are willing to stand up for their future, and that we need their effort to defeat the prophets of hate and violence," he said.

Regarding Obama's planned speech, he said the violence would speak louder to many Muslims about the United States "than any words Obama could utter".

He said that Muslims' unhappiness with America's position on Israeli-Palestinian issues is one of three main sources of friction, along with US support for authoritarian governments in the Middle East and the US military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan."

(Gulf News)

4 days and counting..

- to the mothers, the fathers the sisters and brothers.. may Alla be with them..

Monday, December 29, 2008

Our lil ritual

Once a week my friend and I have this soothing ritual.. It kinda grew on us..

We go to our special spot.. Where the coffee is good, the weather fabulous, and the scenery serene..

We just sit there and feel the negative energy flow out.. (Just like Dharma's bubble, if you ever watched that show)..

Its not your usual dinner with a friend.. Its what she calls "mental yoga".. Its very healthy.. And gives you that boost you need to get through the week..

In our profession, if you don't rid yourself from residual emotional baggage (which piles up with every patient you see) it can pretty much screw up your personal life..

So that is how we deal with it..

How do you deal with stress? What with the economy, the situation in the arab world and our own personal dilemmas..

How do you drain it out of your system?

- to emotional detox xx
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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Genocide continues..

Not only are they being bombed, but they have no means of emergency medicine. No food or Shelter.

And yet:

"Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, a leading candidate to become Israel's next prime minister, called for international support against "an extremist Islamist organization ... that is being supported by Iran", Israel's arch-foe.

In line with the Jewish state, the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush, in its final weeks in office, appeared to put the onus on Hamas to prevent a further escalation."

They still manage to justify it.

I know it seems that its all been said before, but this is the biggest loss in 60 years.. The very least we can do is pray for them..

Join Now!

- to justice.

The Boutique 1 sale

@ JBR! Perfect for the party/wedding season.. Dresses go down to 70% off and stocks last longer cuz the place is still fairly new ;)

As a rule, sales kinda bum me.. First of all: my sizes are always sold out, and secondly.. I get to see my beloved shoes half priced.. It kinda hurts ;p

So.. I avoid them..

Today, as I was having an amazing stroll at JBR (fabulous weather, and I'm a beach freak).. I walked into boutique one - totally unplanned for ;p and ended up with two super cute dresses.. Fabulous finds!

AND they serve illy ;)

- to productive strolls lol xx
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

"The Why of Life"

Why do we do what we do, or say what we say, or act in a certain way?

It is said that your:
Attitude and

Also known as your MAP is what determines how you lead your life, and interact with others..

"Consider those people you respect, as well as those lower on your list. Even when you disagree with parts of their MAP, you may agree with others, which means you can draw from many sources, but in the end it's your MAP and that makes it absolutely unique to you."
(Quoted from leadership turn)

So who's MAPs do you draw from? And have you figured out your mindset, attitude and philosophy in life yet?

Think of this year, how did you lead your life and will you do it differently next year?

- to flexible definitions (not labels) x
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Friday, December 26, 2008

Lino's coffee

Imagine 23 types of syrup, and an equal variety of creams.. Now add a shot of espresso or have it with hot chocolate or a selection of hot drinks..

A very different coffee experience..

In the shot: morocco (chocolate, espresso, foam) and Budinoso (syrup, hot chocolate, cream)..

Every sip is a delight!

check them out Here!

- to italian coffee xx
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Polyvore Friday: Lipstick Jungle Edition

Signature Style by fastidious.babe

Signature Style II by fastidious.babe

Signature Style III by fastidious.babe

Link Du Jour!

- to cute n chic collaborations xx

The eternal bow

Roman Holiday: A movie which influenced fashion and introduced Hepburn as a bona fide style icon.

- to classics xx
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

An email that got me thinking:

عفوا... لاترقص على جروح الآخرين

يا من أنعم الله عليه بنعمة الوظيفة...

لا تجلس في مجلس به عاطل عن العمل أو موظف براتب منخفض

لاتتحدث عن مشاريعك الاستثمارية والعقارية ورحلاتك الصيفية

ولكن إذا كان ولابد فقل ( ولست كاذباً في ذلك ) :

الأرزاق بيد الله وبركة المال في الكيف لا في الكم

وكم من صاحب أموال لا يجد السعادة ولا يذوق طعمها

فالجرح يزيد.. ولا يحتمل المزيد

يا من انعم الله عليها بنعمة الامومه...

في مجلس به امرأة حرمها الله نعمة الحمل والإنجاب

لاتتحدثي عن أطفالك وجمالهم وبراءتهم وسعادتك بتربيتهم

ولكن إذا كان ولابد فقولي ( ولستِ كاذبة في ذلك ) :

الأطــفــال والأبناء مـسـؤولــيــة كــبــيـرة وخـطـيـرة

وبقدومهم قد تـقـل الرومانسية والخصوصية بين الزوجين

فالجرح يزيد.. ولا يحتمل المزيد

يا من أنعم الله عليه بنعمة الشهادات العلمية...

في مجلس به شخص لم تسعفه الظروف لمواصلة تعليمه

لاتتحدث عن مؤهلاتك العلمية وثقافتك الواسعة ودرجاتك العلمية

ولكن إذا كان ولابد فقل ( ولست كاذباً في ذلك ) :

الـعـلـم لـيـس بـالـشـهـادات والـدرجـات والجامعات

وكم من عالم جليل وقدير تفوق وهو لا يقرأ ولا يكتب.

فالجرح يزيد.. ولا يحتمل المزيد

يا من أنعم الله عليهم بنعمة الوالدين...

في مجلس به أُناس فقدوا أحد والديهم أو كليهما

لاتتحدثوا عن حنان وعطايا وهبات أمهاتكم أو آبآئكم لكم

ولكن إذا كان ولابد فقولوا ( ولستم كاذبين في ذلك ) :

فقدان الوالدين قد يزيد من سرعة النضج وقوة الشخصية

وقد يكسب الشخص خبرات وقدرات عالية في تحمل المسؤوليات والمهام.

فالجرح يزيد.. ولا يحتمل المزيد

يا من انعم الله عليه :






بالسمع بالبصر بالكلام باللمس...

بأي نعمة ملموسه أو لا...

بأي نعمة يفتقدها غيرك...

تذكر ان:

1- الله هو ولي النعم.

2- التضامن مع الناس شئ جميل.

3- جرح المشاعر بقصد او بدون قصد شئ مخزي ومهين.

لا ترقص فوق جراح الاخرين

وتذكر انك حين ترقص فوق جراحهم فانها تزيد وتزيد

ولكنك بجهلك تقتلهم

لأنّ جراحهم للأسف لا تــحـــتـمـل المـزٍيـد

انشرها عسى أن يفرج الله همك

دعاء فك الكرب

لا اله إلا الله الحليم الكريم .... لا اله إلا الله العلى العظيم .... لا اله إلا الله رب السماوات السبع ورب العرش العظيم

............ .......... ......... ......... .......... .......... ......... ......... .......... ......... ......... ......... .......

Sorry about the right/left thing.. can't figure it out from work..

Thought it was worth sharing...

Have a great extra long weekend ahead peeps xx

- to counting one's blessings (once more) xx

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We used to have diptyque candles @ sauce in Dubai.. But they flew off the shelves almost immediately.. (Lily of the valley was always out of stock!) I kinda had to stock up whenever we traveled..

Not anymore :p Diptyque opens soon at the Dubai mall (not sure when though!) Now if only we get Jo Malone too! *shout out to those who make magic happen lol*

For now, if you want to try the galliano for dyptique candles then you can find them @ wafi city

In other news: The Beckham's are coming to Dubai on the 29th! yaiy us lol

- to fabulous scents xx

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One to Watch:

All she ever needed was a little credit ;)

Check out the trailer! if the clip doesn't show youtube it! xx

- to chick flicks! xx

Its on the left side, or was it right?

Do you get mixed up between right/left sides?

Think of the people you know, who gets mixed up the most?

Studies have shown that women and left handed people have symmetrical brains.. which makes them more prone to mixing up their sides..

To me this makes alotta sense!

- to root cause analysis ;p xx
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Makeup tag

Sorry for the crappy pic :p.

Was tagged by Ansam..

Makeup bag essentials pour moi:

-Sun compact brush by terry

-Logo sunkissed blusher, givenchy

- Phenomen black mascara, givenchy

- Nars dolce vita lippie

- smolder eye pencil, mac

- bobby brown's tinted lip balm, in pink raspberry.

- chanel's brillant levers gloss in nude? Can't remember what its called lol

- mirror :p

-touch expert concealer by terry

Et c'est tout! Contents do change according to mood/daytime :p

Btw: bare minirals have a new compact kit out, for coverage on the go.. Still did not get mine though..

Feel free to do the tag, don't forget the pic! xx

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The best french toast in Dubai

@ Bistro Madeleine

Not for the calorie counter.

- to breakfast with B xx
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Monday, December 22, 2008

The one on serenity..

Serenity was, to me, watching a sunset in peace..

A patient told me yesterday: "I am now at peace with everything".

Hearing her, I had to put the consultation on hold, and make sure I heard her right.

She had converted to islam just a few weeks ago.. Her passion about it put me to shame..

When she spoke about how she tries to overcome her working hours to " find a corner and pray on time", and how she carries her mus7af with her to read whenever she gets a chance.. How, even now, when she came to me feeling unwell and dizzy.. It didn't really matter to her and she "did not come here to complain, I just want to make sure everything's ok"..

Serenity radiated from her..

It baffled me. After a day of seeing unhappy people, complain about the smallest of things.. Over and over again.. You kinda forget that there are people out there who have found that light which makes them happy, and content..

To that particular lady, it was embracing islam.

What's serenity to you?

- to counting our blessings xx

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wrinkly vs Sexy:

What do u think?

I think he's h0t!

Al pacino @ rightouskill.

Movie review: Loved it! seeing robert de niro and al pacino act as partners made the movie.. The chemistry between those two was palpable throughout.. The story line is ur basic serial killer plot with a bit of a twist, but nothing far fetched.. I give it an 8.

- to dynamic duo's xx
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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Souq Albastakiya

I have always read about Albastakiya: which houses XVA gallery and the Basta Art Cafe.. However, given the fact that its literally in the middle of Dubai's hustle n bustle.. and that traffic is unbearable over there during working days.. I never made it...

So today, i decided to check out what the fuss is all about.. They have a new weekend flea market with various vendors from all over the place.. and live entertainment.. the weather is perfect for checking out something outdoors right now.. Here are some pix..

I loved being surrounded by art.. the outdoor flea market, and that authentic feel of everything old..

- to arts n crafts xx

Click-Clicks: Xmas Edition

My adorable cat gets in the festive mood :P

Cute Mini Xmas Logs@ the french bakery

Some trees have really exquisite ornaments..Check out the tree at emirate towers with its cute red bows

The Ultimate Gift Bag @ Ted Baker: it lights up!

Paul Frank Stockings

- to choses mignons xx

Friday, December 19, 2008


Louboutin's Eugenie







- to details x


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Its Friday!

hot p!nk by fastidious.babe

BB gets a makeover..

5 green's pre-festival clearance.. 70% off..

- to festive fridays xx