Monday, September 29, 2008

Kl3am wntoo bkhair!

Hope ur pre-eid preps are on schedule! xx
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The Works of an Insomniac

more polyvore. enjoy! xx

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bon if6ar peeps!

Because sharing is caring :p
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Respect vs Availability

Let's say u were to choose between two life partners..

One had tact, and respected who u are as a person, and made you feel like a godsent gift; but he was never available.

And the other was rude and boyish, yet would always be there.

I know those are two different things, but people have various shortcomings, some we chose to live with, and others we simply can't stand.

So my question is: which one of these situations do u think is more "livable"??

- to if's, and's, and but's xx
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just a few days to go..

خصائص ليلة القدر

١_خيرمن الف شهر

٢- مغفره الذنوب

٣-اجابه الدعاء

٤-العتق من النار

*ماالذي نستطيع فعله في هذه الليله؟

صلاةالتهجد،ختم القران ،الإلحاح في الدعاء، اعمال صالحه مثل: بروالدين،الصدقه،كثرة الذكر،حسن الخلق،صلة الرحم

ابتعد عن




- to my mother, my soul, my everything x

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Friday, September 26, 2008


Introducing BB bold, mon amour du jour :P

Atlantis (mind the pix, it was very dark)

The oceanic tribute to a mythological age :)

FINALLY! Villa Moda hits dubai :)


- to everything new and exciting! xx

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hi, my name is FB..

And I am an addict!

Was tagged by ansam, probably the easiest tag ever :p

I am addicted to:

1. Coffee! (And I don't mind it one bit)

2. Shoes, I like surrounding myself with them.

3. My blackberry, which (just for the record) broke down for a day, I'm having it replaced tonight, yesterday was not a good day sans my bb!

4. Polyvore (its the new flickr)

5. Love ;p lot (had to put that in :p)

Ah well.. addictions come and go!

In other news, the proton collider that was supposed to recreate the "big bang" has been deactivated (word is there was a helium leak of some sorts).

Oh, its almost f6oor time!

Alla yt8abal 9yamkm peeps!!

- to bb bold, can't wait! xx

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

He said. She said.

He said: so u couldn't make it last night.

She said: I got busy.

He said: building rockets?

She said: nah, just same old work stuff.

He said: just say that u didn't want to see me.

She said: is that ur way of saying that u missed me?

He said: keep telling urself that.

You know when they say "every man has a little boy inside him", that was an example of how juvenile they can get! Had the situation been reversed, the lady would "have" to be more understanding of her alpha male's "busy" schedule!

Correct me if I'm wrong!

- to eye opening encounters xx

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Emmy's, Polyvore and Manoush!

The Emmy Awards were on last night

Emmy's Best Dressed a mon avis:

The dress checks all my boxes, its just that it could have looked better on someone else :) Sandra Oh in ODR

Marcia hit the jackpot with this Elie Saab dress, it was made to make her look fabulous :)

Olivia Wilde (from House) looks stunning in Reem Acra

Nicolette in Angel Sanchez.. you can't go wrong with jewel tones this fall!


The site was blocked for so long over here, now that its unblocked i cannot imagine a better way to unwind at home! comme ca >>

And as promised, my Manoush picks:

for more click here!

- to a wonderful evening ahead! xx

Sunday, September 21, 2008

21st of September

To everyone born today, I wish u a very happy birthday..

And a special squishy hug goes to Mi.. may ur year be everything u want it to be x 10000 love u babe xxx

As a taurus, I have found myself attracting, and having the best relationships ever with virgos.. They know how we work.. And we just.. "Click"..

On another note, other people born today include: nichole richie, rachel ray, stephen king, and faith hill..

Do you believe in horoscope matches? And if so, what star sign holds your match made in heaven?

- to virgos everywhere xx
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Just so u know..

* Quote of the month: "il7ayah 3bara 3an mo7awalat fashelah lil nawm" - FB sans sleep

* What do you think of recycling relationships? Bringing someone back into ur life post breakup? Good/bad/pathetic?

* Ramadan is almost over, never had a ramadan pass as fast as this one, devoid of ramadan-ness.. But not to fret, I still have the last few days to make up for it inshalla.. I suggest you catch up on quran readings, qyam prayers, and d3aa2..

* I am currently loving manoush (I always have, but I'm love love loving their fall stuff) will post pix when I get home.

* Fall shows are back, but I guess they have to wait for some time.

* Career shifts, when would you consider one? Is it a better offer or where ur heart is that really matters?

* Atlantis opens next week, got me a reservation at nobu, can't wait to try out all the fabulous celebrity restaurants!

C'est tout for now, have a great evening and a wonderful week ahead :)

- to daily posts ;p xx

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

And then this happened :)

So here i was, at work, mwa9la.. (as usual).. sleep deprived and with 1001 life defining questions gushing in my head.. when i bumped into derek.. (from here )

Me: oh.. Hey!

Him: Hi!!

Me: Remember me? XD

Him: Ofcourse i do, how have u been

Me: (fighting the attempt to blurt out "FUCKED") I'm okay.. just passing by to get my letters of recommendation, you wouldn't happen to remember how working with me was?

Him: I do remember one thing.. u stuck out..

Me: mmm I'm hoping that's a good thing

Him: Well yes, u question everything, and thats a really good thing to see for a change..

Me: oh! :)))

Him: so there's your compliment for the day :P

Me: thanks I'm flattered..

AND THEN.. without even a second thought (i'm blaming the lack of sleep) i went like


awkward pose.

Him: its a good thing, trust me.. ur gonna find ur way eventually..

Me: I'm sorry its just that i haven't slept for a while now, and things kinda pile up and i try to look at it critically and see it from all the different aspects.. but i really cannot do this anymore! (got all flushed, then had a reality check, this is NOT my therapist wtf am i doing?)

Him: Just let it be.. things usually fall into place eventually.. and when u know.. u know :) Trust me, its much better to question things than have a passive approach to life, its refreshing to see someone do that for a change...

we chit chatted a bit more about life, options and opportunities..

and i walked away feeling much better than i did in a long long time!

So this one goes to u.. Derek, for pulling me out of my dynamo and saying just the right thing i needed to hear.. that something sane, the reminder we all need from time to time that yes, we are going in the right direction, that all is not in vain

Sometimes,its all you need to hear.

- to better times xx

PS. I am seriously slacking spiritually, i hope you guys are making the most out of ramadan though!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Useless once broken..

I blv that the strength of a person comes from his spirit, that inner core that drives him to live, and love and be productive..

Your spirit, in my opinion, is partly derived from ur personality, the circumstances ( present, and past) and the support network you have formed (be it emotional, spiritual or physical support)..

Everyday, you wake up.. Face your day, with all its challenges, joys, and if ur lucky.. adventures.. And with every good day, ur spirit grows stronger, more alive and solid..

To say that a spirit would break might sound mega dramatic, maybe impossible to some, but there are certain experiences that touch ur core, and leave an impact deep down that ur spirit might crack under the pressure, add onto that a similar experience, lack of support, or a personality defect (very normal post traumatically).. And there goes ur spirit. Split in half.

Is it possible to repair something that took years and years to perfect?

Sometimes, u find a temporary solution, a band aid if u may call it. If u are lucky enough, u can heal with time.

Other times, it can backfire and u'ld end up with more pieces that u started with.

I wonder if this post is too vague, or too abstract for u to get, but it is something I had to get off my chest, as I sit here, stuck in traffic, wondering if I'm past damage control, or if some miracle will make it all better.

Because right now, the only power I blv in is that of a divine intervention.

- to the good old days when everything was clear cut and solid.

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Going Manga

this was fun lol xD
check it out here!

have a great week ahead peeps xx

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love, relationships, and social taboos

"She's such a relationship junkie"

"It took her exactly one month to get over him"

"She was never in love with him to start with, falling in love isn't like changing shoes u know"


Is there a certain number of times one is allowed to fall in love and into a relationship before it becomes socially unacceptable?

I would never use the terms "in love" and "socially acceptable" in one sentence if it was up to me, but it was brought to my attention recently that a lot of people strongly believe that love only happens once, that if it does happen more than the one time then it is morally incorrect.. Often referred to as a "fuck up".

From another standpoint, psychologically speaking, there are people who would rather fall in love and have long term relationships over and over again instead of stringing along a series of encounters not because of "the power of love" per se, but because they have a condition known as "relationship addiction" aka "codependence".

Having said that, why do people rush into categorising people and judging them on decisions they make in matters concerning none other but themselves? and more over, since when do we get to dictate the number of times one can or cannot fall in love?

Seriously, if a person is strong enough to gather the pieces after a breakup, and move on.. Why can't people accept it as "strength" rather than the equivalent of "love whoring"!!

And why is it that no matter how good a person is in all the other aspects of life, it gets flung right out the window the second her "relationship CV" is brought up?

(Ofcourse, this is not applicable to men over here, hence the "her"!)

- to venting! xx

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A breather..

Dear everyone,

As much as I loved blogging, and provoking your thoughts along with mine, and as much as I enjoyed exchanging ideas and meeting people from different places.. Sometimes things pile up in a certain way that all you can do is stop and take a breather, because if you can't breath you're no good to anyone else.

This is why I decided to stop, and I do miss you all.. And I will come back as soon as things look up again..

Thanx for your emails, messages and comments..

And make the most out of Ramadan :)

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