Sunday, November 30, 2008

The one on cupcakes!

From above:

-Kitsch dubai's red velvet cupcake
-The menu
-Lasenza's delicious treats a la undies n soaps
-Cupcake lovers nighty!

- to yummy delights! xx
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They got it Right

- to pulling it off, just right xx

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Are you into Brown?

Spring Summer 09 lookbook!

Alexander Mcqueen


I don't really like the colour, but next season's chocolate brown finds are so yummy and appealing! Paired with other warm tones: yellows, oranges, and salmon pink.. they would make the perfect spring outfit.

- to broadening the spectrum! lol xx

(pics from and leblackbook)

Up and Coming Events:

Nov 30th: the first cupcake bar opens in Dubai :) *i am SO excited!!!!*

Dec 2: UAE's 37th National Day! yaaiy us! two days off work and a kickass party on the 1st! (basket of ribbons found at work) lol

December 10th: Maroon 5 in Dubai

Dec 11th: The Dubai International Film Festival (Australia, Valentino- the documentary, and Francaise are among the movies on my MUST WATCH list)

Dec 14th: Brown Book Mag 2nd year Anniversary party!

- to being in the loop lol xx

Friday, November 28, 2008

Madagascar II

A good laugh xD

"Whatever happened to class separation?

Don't worry, I'm sure democracy is just a fad"


- to bonding with lil brother every other week lol xx

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Polyvore, clicks and news

Sweet as a cupcake by fastidious.babe

wtf! lol

Queen Elizabeth 2 gets to Dubai (after 40 years of cruising)

People welcoming the luxury cruise ship to its new home: a specially constructed pier at the Palm Jumeirah, where it will run as a floating hotel following renovations (till 2010).

*Pics from Arabian Business*

- to friday's spent with family, friends and loved ones.. xx

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Never clutter a fabulous dress with the wrong accessories

Not everything translates well from the runways

Matching gloves? and a whole lotta wrist action going on *nonono*

Never kill a look, been there done that x 10! (not loving the hair either)

** pics from the AMA's (purseblog, fabsugar, and redcarpet-fashionawards)***

- to a veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrryyyy long weekend! XD xx

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

J'aime la pluie a la folie!

Its finallyy raainingggg!

Like a full blown barg w ra3ad w m6ar 9beeeb *mashallaa*

Mabrook 3alaikm il ra7ma peeps xxxx

- to hot cocoa n rain scented mornings! xx

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The one on Alpha Females

I always complain about how women make the worst managers/ heads of units et al. CUZ THEY DO! and i feel strongly about it because i have seen how cranky they get, professionalism doesn't mix well with PMS, i presume.

ANYWAYS. so there i was today (with 3 hours of sleep and back to back meetings from 7 AM).. and at around 12 pm, having witnessed a mini dispute a la cat fight, i was really at the end of my rope. Bear in mind that i am still sore from an encounter earlier this week with my in-charge. Totally uncalled for, totally unjust! So when a similar thing happened today i couldn't help but announce to everyone that: women will always be women, it doesn't matter if ur in a hospital (work environment) or a meelas (socializing).. they would still gossip, take things personally or just try to make your life horrible... its what they do.

Our supervisor, another woman, heard the whole thing.. and went like: and what are u? aren't u a woman?

I wanted to tell her that I do my best not to be sucked into the pettiness.. But it seemed inappropriate. We just kinda laughed it off.. But i do feel strongly about this.

Correct me if i am wrong, but isn't having a woman as your boss the worst possible case scenario?

Maybe its a cultural thing, I'm not sure yet, but I'm pretty positive it applies to women en generale..

- to getting some sleep, sometime soon! x

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The reem acra event

@ the spring summer 09 preview..

Haute gowns and french music.. Totally fab!

- to fashion gigs xx

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Pour la table basse le mois prochain:

Vogue Paris edited by Princess Stephanie

And lets not forget the calendar ;)

UK vogue

A Romeo and Juiliet editorial

Monica Bellucci on Spanish Vogue

Vogue Russia

Celebrating their 10th Anniversary With Designer Matryoshka Dolls

Influence, by the olsens

The book is filled with never-before seen photographs from the girls' private collections, pages of original material by MK and Ashley, and interviews with some of the most influential tastemakers in the world.. Definitely something i want to check out, not sure if its going on my coffee table though ;)

- to lazy mornings xx

Monday, November 24, 2008

The nancy gonzalez event and the heart break associated with it..

Ok I have to blog about this, I don't have a pic on me but nancy gonzalez was in harvey nix dubai with a preview of the spring summer collection.. Here's what happened..

1800: spotted a gorgeous croc tote, it was huge, it was navy blue, and I loved it. Was told nancy is going to be here in half an hour.

1805: got a call from my cuz, wanted to do tea upstairs..

1830: we went down, the bag was sold out.

Only in dubai!

I am too bummed to take pics n blab about what was going on, u guys should check out her new collection on her webbie tho.

UPDATE: after a get together with the girls who told me that if it was meant to be then its gonna be mine, and that a better bag will come along.. and a recession talk that kinda got me thinking (although i do believe that the economy will be better off with us shopping) I felt that i can look up the bag online, BUT i could not find it online in that colour, also.. it was the first bag to go at the trunk show.

Its the Drawstring tote:

in blue..

I am not a huge Nancy gonzalez fan, but trust me: that bag was HOT! I thought the line would be a tad boring, mais au contraire. Her bags were flamboyant and fun.. Do check them out when they hit stores!

- to moving on :P xx.

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

La vie est belle!

Movies under the stars, a chick flick and wonderful weather.. The perfect way to drain out the negativity of the day!

- to the great outdoors, the city life kind! xx

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Just got a verbal whiplashing in the most unprofessional manner.

Makes u wonder if its all worth it.
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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tid Bit du jour!

MAC Cosmetics has teamed up with Sanrio Global Consumer Products to create a Hello Kitty color cosmetics collection.

The line will arrive on MAC’s Web site Feb. 10, in North American stores on Feb. 12 and into overseas stores in March.

(from WWD)

- to cute ideas! xx

When life gets complicated..


"I adore simple pleasures. They are the last refuge of the complex."

Oscar Wilde

- to cafe simple (aka a single espresso) xx
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Friday, November 21, 2008

Atlantis' Grand Opening

"A host of international stars including actor Chris Tucker, pop diva Kylie Minogue and Hollywood legend Robert de Niro have joined celebrations marking the opening of a new resort in Dubai.

A spectacular light show was put on at the unveiling of the new $1.5bn marine-themed facility built off the Gulf coast on an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree.

Organisers claimed that the fireworks display for the $20m party could be seen from space."


Also: lindsey lohan and her gal pal sam were there, along with mary kate olsen, mischa barton, janet jackson, michael jordan (remember him? lol) and charlize theron..There's a rumor going around that Oprah was there too..

- to celeb spotting! lol x

Polyvore Friday etc.

Tiz the season! by fastidious.babe

I have dedicated the day to getting the stuff i was supposed to get done last week over with.. So here's hoping that by the end of today i would be well on my way with the paper!

- to flowing words! xx

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bows n Braids!

This post is inspired by Serena's hairdo:

Gossip Girl

Anne Hathaway rocking both trends

Bow Sweater- Sonia Rykiel

Miu Miu bow-flats

Bow Blouse, as seen on Rachel Zoe

Phillip Lim

Bow Gladiators by MJ

- to bows: the big the small and the fabulous! xx