Monday, December 31, 2007



13 mins to go.. and voila!
I cannot help but feel sad a lil..
BUT.. the day was magical.. *after work onwards* il7mdellaa Xxx and mucho grazie to the moooost amazing mimz evah !

Back to business... 11 mins to GO! OMG
Resolutions of 2008 (cross fingers)

1. Become a better muslim (every year, this tops my list.. but.. well.. hmm)
2. Become a less pain to my mom (<3)
3. Pass my board exam
4. Pass my first year in Quality management
5. Get a Birkin (color/material mood dependent)
6. Go to NYC/TOKYO
7. Polish up mon francaise.
8. Cook a meal for my hubby.
9. Consider starting a family
10. Anger management.. keep my temper at bay.

Other resolutions i would like to keep to myself!

Happy New Year :)


And so, its the last day of the year, and I cannot help but post another new years entry. Its just that, a lot has changed, in me.

And since I tend to make it a habit to forget, I'm afraid this year would slip un noticed on my memory lane.

So I sit here, turkish coffee in hand, berry in the other, enjoying the delish aromas of my m0rning spot du jour, and thinking it all out, though roughly. I just have time to kill before my morning meeting, and if I had bothered to ask about the time it starts yesterday I wouldn't be here right n0w. Sippin my cuppah and reminiscing.

Ah the good ol days, I wonder if I would sit here this time next year and have good thoughts, better coffee, a bigger smile or be less grumpy.. It is matin after all, aaand I just had my first think positive don't kick anyone in the face m0ment. XD

So apart from this post being totally random, I have been pondering on some newly found issues lately, and I'm not quite sure how they make me feel, extremely happy at times yet really dependent on the downside. I hate being so needy, it irritates me.. Vulnerability for a rule does.

However, The Lid (not to be confused with The Line) is a good mechanism of keeping things at bay. Just put a sock in it and get it over with, things left unsaid might as well not be there after all. Whoever said there has to be an elephant in the room if u turn a blind eye to it, it disappears, with time.. Probably.

Having said all there is to say, and running out of time, coffee getting cold, and my thoughts settling down a lil, I will now start the last day of 2007, wishing it is as magical as I want it to be xx

Saturday, December 29, 2007

throwing em thoughts out there..

You always hear people talking about The Line. Draw the line, u crossed the line, ur way outta line.. Etc. But who put the line there to start with? And isn't it only normal for different people to have different perceptions of where the line should be and who gets to cross it? And does the presence of this oh-so-cherished line indicate that in order to feel secure one has to establish boundaries?

Are boundaries a good thing? Or are they self built fortresses to hide behind? And is The Line really necessary? Could it be more of a wave, drawing closer for certain people and further for those we care less about? Could we erase it completely if we have to? Which brings me back to square one.. Who started this?? And will we be better off without it?


A decrease or loss in value.

Can you put a value on a person?
And if so, what will the predictors of one's value be? Looks? Intellect? Position? Wisdom? Loyalty.. probably..? Trustworthiness..

And once this value has been established, what will you do once it starts depreciating? Sell out or wait it out?

Why don't people take a moment before causing a plunge in their value?
If we consider the value of everything around us, isn't ones own value worth some consideration?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflections on 2007

I learnt a lot this year, grew a lil, laughed a lil, tried out new things a lil, missed certain people a lil, and cried a lil. But over all.. I am satisfied with the way things went this past year.

My friends have evolved with me, some became whole.. Be it by finding love, starting a family, or changing careers of which brought us closer.

Others, have regressed into what I might call an acquaintance. But nevertheless, I blv people can grow in and out of each others lives accordingly.

On the plus side, acquaintances were made closer, and are proving to be better friends than ever *hugs mimz*

Some people were lost in translation, sadly.

On a professional level, it was a generally good year, got upgraded in work, started a masters class.. But it will take a while longer to reap the harvest.

As a person, I learnt that the best things in life are those that u have to take a big leap of faith in. That life is all about new beginnings, new people, new situations, and of course, new shoes, bags and cuisines XD

I hope that next year would have a fraction of this years firsts, that it will be more prosperous for me and those I care about the most, that the world would become a better place, that traffic would cease to exist, and the suffering would end, for all those who are sick, poor, or less fortunate.

I hope that I would not give up on work, or on my personal dilemma, that I would have a positive outlook on life, even on those "I wish I didn't have to get up" days. That I would continue to filter out people who put me down, and bring those with a good solid vibe closer. That I would become a better person and wife, with a bigger heart and non-existant grudges.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

viva l' independence

Dependence:the absolute need of constant support.

There are various types of dependence, there is :

A. Social dependence: when a person feels the need to interact socially to validate ones being.

B. Professional dependence; when your work defines who you are as a person.

C. Emotional dependence; this would best be described as the first thought u start ur day with and the last one before going to sleep. And its implications vary according to the subject beeing dependant on.

D. Substance dependence: food, alcohol, weed? Drugs, painkillers, sleeping pills.. Need I go on?

E. Physical dependence: to touch and be touched, to sleep or to exercise vigorously.

Those are all the types that come to my mind right now, stuck in traffic and applying my theories to myself and those around me.

Dependence is a burden, to ones self and to others. Try to be less of a burden and bask in independence next year! XxX

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The constitution of a person

Sometimes, we rush into categorizing a person into BAD, GOOD, RETARDED.. ETC..

But now that i think of it, it really isn't in ones hands to act the way he or she does.

In fact, one can only control about 50% of how they will be as people.. more or less.

The M theory of Mankind:

A person is

25% His/Her family, this includes Genes (the dumb gene, the smart gene, the noble gene, the psychopathic gene .. etc) but not to worry, this is only a mere 25% of ones self. Also, this includes values passed over from your heritage.

25% Experience, Education and Talents. This means that whatever situations that have been thrown at you all contribute to who you are. Also, your level of knowledge (both of yourself and those around you) and your perception to life play an important role.

25% Ones self. This means, your habits and behaviors, not those instilled from the environment but those you have came up with. Your sense of living, your drive or slack and your inclination to better yourself.

25% Environment, as in: the people around you. Your friends play an important part into making you the person you are, maybe not much so in the latter years, but definitely in the first few decades.

Having said that, it must be emphasized that not one factor has any significance if it was not enhanced by one or more of the other factors. Also, regardless of what little say we have on some situations, there are different ways we can change the way we have become, or the way we were to start with.

To a better more insightful you.. happy new years!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tantrums in Traffic

I once took a quiz that predicted my IT place to live in. New york, it said, with its upbeat lifestyle and on the go everything.

In spite of patience n0t being my virtue, and living in nyc does indeed sound appealing to me, with barneys and yummylicious cupcakes and the metropolitan ambiance. However, every time I get stuck in the all year round, around the clock traffic jams in dubai I get a premonition. If nyc means jammed roads and shooting seretonin levels then no thanx. Give me Rome anytime of the year instead.

Friday, December 21, 2007


There is a balance to everything, a perfect combination of basic needs and unique demands that make one's life whole. Having the right portions of rest and nutrition would cover the "basic needs". But we demand different things to feel fulfilled. There are those who long for a good company and a warm hearted laugh, others strive for excellence and pour their hearts and souls into their careers. Some, and I have sadly seen quite a few, proceed with no demands, no passion that drives them towards fulfilment. Those have a certain tranquillity to them, not the good kind. Like they gave up on life all together or that they shouldn't bother giving it a shot to start with.