Monday, September 7, 2009

Let the waves guide you through another day

Fewer things in life can compare to the sound of waves, the velvety feel of sand under ur feet and the sun burning onto you. Its soothing and refreshing. Cleansing even.

I know my entries have gone off track for a while, I guess its partly Ramadan and partly me getting bored of the same ol thing. And partly self imposed drama.

Regardless, I will be back soon. With posts on fashion, food and fabulous fun..

Just gimme a second.

- to serenity, sanity and stability xx
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A Journal Entry said...

i love the beach in the pic.. the colour is just amazing!

SKITTLES said...

There's nowhere like the sea to throw away your worries.

PinkChampagne said...

Its good to take a break now and then..the winter is coming with plenty of days at the beach to enjoy..really put a smile on my face..loads of love and hugs your way xxx

ra7oob said...

take as much time as u need love.. as they say, time heals all wounds. xo

Ruby Woo said...

Are those kittens on the side? I just noticed them. Cuteness!!!

kcal said...

we miss u babe. but theres nothing like some selfish me time. we all need it. so take your time and come back to us refreshed and re-energized ;)

Even Sweeter said...

Fastidious Fashionista check this out! YAAAY!!

That's awesome

nonofara said...

i just love your words.. the "Fewer things in life can compare to.." and bla bla bla.. seriously, it is beautifully written! :)