Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Denim Heels

Is this a trend you're willing to go for this season?

(pics from bergdorf goodman, you should probably get their shoe salon iphone app too!)

- to accessible fabulousity, always! xx


dreamy said...

i dont think its a trend for certain season, I used to have the LV denim shoes & it was very practical!

I luved the YSL <3

- F said...


MarryMeManolo said...

Love the YSL

Luxurina said...

I'm not sure this trend fits my personal style, but I dunno I might see some denim shoes I like and see myself wearing!

Fastidious Babe said...

dreamy: well its a trend that comes and goes xD yep those ysl tributes are probably there to stay xD

F: me neither to be honest xx

MarryMeManolo: <3

Luxurina: exactly, never say never xD xx

Butter said...

Oh no, never. Denim heels look awful!