Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Over the Knee?

A huge trend this fall.

Shown here: Lindsay Lohan in ELLE's september issue wearing Louboutin. (boots available in shorter version too)

Fabulous over the knee boots available from Stella Mccartney too.. Among other designers.. But I'm still not sure.. would a 5'5 pull it off?

Would you go for it?

- to fabulous footwear xD


Faith said...

They look great but just looking at them hurts my knees.

nolita said...

they look amazing... though i would think twice before wearing them, they require long, long legs to pull of the look. :(

Dr.Smart CoOKie said...

Amazing. I might give it a shot. =]

Me Blogging said...

wish I can wear these booties, but where will I go with these???

Fabulous A said...

Definitely ;D

Couture Carrie said...

Love this pic!
Am definitely in on the trend ~ already have some Miu Miu boots that fit the bill from a couple of seasons ago!


Anonymous said...

Not for me ;-)

Anonymous said...

lol 5'5, and no a7is they only look good on tall ppl..

Fastidious Babe said...

Faith: hmm yeah that might be an issue

nolita: i know!

Dr Smart CoOkie: lemme know how it goes XD

Me Blogging: ma3arf LOL

Fabulous A: ur just fab XD

CC: hot! x

ansam: yeah some trends are like that :)

Anon: guess so :)

Mme.Monstre said...

im not tall lol
and i just paired my suede flat over the knee miu miu boots with a fall.esque colored pucci dress that hitted exactly at my knee ..
it worked and its very comfortable

Mme.Monstre said...

oh but not in dubai ..

Simbateeka said...

u can def pull it off bas with something wsee3 min fog a dress or skinnies and a long cardigan