Saturday, February 23, 2008


Music does free the spirit, and paired with the right ambiance, it could be therapeutic, relieving and just what a troubled mind needs.

"Music gives me air n lots of luvin everywhere" ;)

I have been going through an emotional turmoil for the last 24 hours, questions like when is enough, just enough? Is it true that negativity attracts more negativity? And is ignorance really bliss? Or should you dig for causes of whatever it is that's bothering you, maybe the answers won't be favourable? Maybe then certain drastic changes would have to be made? And who isn't afraid of change?

- to an intensified feeling of nonchalance, a la jazz xx

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Oreste said...

Bel Blog. Un saluto da Roma. Ciao

Mi said...

Unless there's a guarantee of how good the after-change situation will be, I wouldn't gamble.

To naivity,

Fastidious Babe said...

oreste - molto grazzie xD


mi - life's a gamble babe x