Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 reasons you should drink coffee

10. Instant mood lifter and energy booster

9. The aroma, heavenly

8. The variety (dry/wet latte, cino, on the rocks, ice shaken, vanilla, mocha.. Etc).

7. The after taste.

6. The addiction (always a good thing, especially if u have an addictive personality.. Better coffee than something destructive).

5. U can blame insomnia, mood swings and headaches on it, PMS is soo passe.

4. A reason to get up in the morning, gives ur day the jump start it needs.

3. Common conversation topic with really hot people xD

2. Its the new antioxidant.

1. Finally.. Research suggests that coffee could possibly protect against diabetes (which is on the rise globally), parkinsons and colon cancer.

Need I say more?

- to java xx

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Fa6ma said...

When I used to drink coffee I had low blood sugar all the time. It's unhealthy, kept me from eating meals for hours.

FourMe said...

I'm convinced lol But hey I've been drinking coffee since a young age

PinkChampagne said...

Every single reason makes sense..I love number 6 number 3 made me laugh...alot :) and who can argue with reason 1?


Fastidious Babe said...

fa6ma - there goes the diabetes prevention theory ;) en plus.. one womans poison is another woman's crave xx

fourme - don't u love it? XD

pinkchampagne - i know!! viva la ccino xx

Mi said...

Ah... Java..

love the post.. Every point is placed just where it should be.

odd numbered points, especially 9, 7 n 5 grabbed mon attention. Total agreement innu.

Anonymous said...

I'm already addicted to coffee. Tried stopping for one day and ended up with the worst headache e-v-e-r!! :|

Fastidious Babe said...

lol i tried stopping it for SIX days.. yeah.. that was a good experiment..

not happening again though.. xD