Monday, March 24, 2008

Overcoming addiction

I came across some of my notes which struck me as interesting (in the context of my current life status)

Thought u might find it interesting too..

The stages of change: (the transtheoretical model)

1. Precontemplation (u don't think anything needs to change)

2. Contemplation (u notice the problem, and play with the idea of change)

3. Preparation (taking the first step, or planning on it.. Seriously)

4. Action (change, modification, commitment)

5. Maintenance (sticking to the new you, preventing relapse*, takes up to 6 months on average)

* relapse (going back to ur comforting habits)

- to ownership, commitment, and results xx
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telephone said...

...and how about a step 6+, minus the *

It might be interesting to write out those (theoretical) additional steps!

Mi said...

Most challenging step is the 5th, maintenance. Week links break here, n then, back to step 1.

Life's a challenge anyway!

Fastidious Babe said...

telephone: the * was to clarify :)

mi: ba3raf ba3raaaaaaaaaaf.. bigtime.. like the hard way.. the in ur face way? lol ALL THE WAY? ok im blowing it outta proportions here