Monday, July 20, 2009

Breath, from within

What: oxy-capsule

Where: Akaru spa at the Aviation club

Why: its the most relaxing experience ever, for 30 mins u lie down in a capsule with oxygen being pumped into it, a heated pad to lie on with soothing vibrations and music. You can almost feel the oxygen filling your pores and soothing your knots. Feels like ur literally floating on air.

- to relaxing rituals xx

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ansam518 said...

Oh wow! Would love to try that one day!!

sham3h said...

sounds very interesting, I am tempted to give it a try ;)

thaaaanx a million sweetie :)

Bahrain Fashion said...

Sounds thrilling ;) I'm sure you had fun (and relaxed a lot).

Fastidious Babe said...

thanx girls, yep its definitely one to try xo

desertpalms said...

theres nothing more refreshing than taking a walk in the park as the cold wind hits your face, with the beautiful smell of the grass after it has rained...


to natural highs x

(that was me tryna copy your posting stylee in a comment hehe:P)

you can tell im a cynic of this cosmetic oxygen shizzle sa7? all those free radicals and possibility of cell damage by ros....?

hmm i duno f.babe..i dunno!

Ahmed's 819 said...

talk about relaxation.