Monday, July 6, 2009

O'de Rose @ Galeries Lafayette

- to local finds x


AMmor said...

omg! the t-shit that sais i <3 el2marat is designed by saudi guys in jeddah they r called"Kellmah"
they are soo creative <3

Bahrain Fashion said...

That's fun.. I wonder where I can find one of those Saudi tees in Bahrain? 3ad Gallery L?! :)

Standy said...

wow.. me likey..
very nice!!
to local talent indeed!!

Aljoud said...

I love the Bokja sofas and ottomans they have <3 <3 their SA was super nice too!

desertpalms said...

:O wow how did they switch it to emaraat!

btw you shud def chek out that link..the model for that tshirt brand is smoking smoking smoooooooking HOTT


AMmor said...

LOOL at the "t-shit" xp
how embarressing
and yes the guy is HAWT!
to hott saudis ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

AMmor: yeah i heard about Kellmah, cool stuff x

BF: yep, galeries lafayette xD

Standy: they have alotta fun finds x

Aljoud: i havent been to their villa shop, have u been? if so how was it XD

desertpalms: will do lol

a7la babe said...

The Dhs 500 is some piece of art <3

Anonymous said...

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