Thursday, July 2, 2009

They Totally Nailed It!

Sephora by OPI (Le beau shown here)

For more shades check out

On another note, does anyone know if we have a Minx nail salon in Dubai?

- to fab tips xx


Anonymous said...

Interesting! Wonder if they have it in Sephora Kuwait!
I love the name of the following shades (and the colors too)... hehehe;
Lost Without My GPS
And A Cherry on Top
Personal Shopper
I'm Wired

La7thtay! All reds!! Well almost

Bahrain Fashion said...

Hot! and I totally love the title: They Totally "Nailed" It. :)

Fabulous A said...

I <3 it!

Delly said...

but i prefer zoya tho ;)

Ruby Woo said...

Haha loving the names.

Fastidious Babe said...

ansam: i loved all of those and then some.. cutest shades ever XD

BF: lol thanx sweets xx

Fab A: <3

Delly: but u didnt try those yet! XD

RW: me too xD

Anonymous said...

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