Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The constitution of a person

Sometimes, we rush into categorizing a person into BAD, GOOD, RETARDED.. ETC..

But now that i think of it, it really isn't in ones hands to act the way he or she does.

In fact, one can only control about 50% of how they will be as people.. more or less.

The M theory of Mankind:

A person is

25% His/Her family, this includes Genes (the dumb gene, the smart gene, the noble gene, the psychopathic gene .. etc) but not to worry, this is only a mere 25% of ones self. Also, this includes values passed over from your heritage.

25% Experience, Education and Talents. This means that whatever situations that have been thrown at you all contribute to who you are. Also, your level of knowledge (both of yourself and those around you) and your perception to life play an important role.

25% Ones self. This means, your habits and behaviors, not those instilled from the environment but those you have came up with. Your sense of living, your drive or slack and your inclination to better yourself.

25% Environment, as in: the people around you. Your friends play an important part into making you the person you are, maybe not much so in the latter years, but definitely in the first few decades.

Having said that, it must be emphasized that not one factor has any significance if it was not enhanced by one or more of the other factors. Also, regardless of what little say we have on some situations, there are different ways we can change the way we have become, or the way we were to start with.

To a better more insightful you.. happy new years!

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No. Really. The theory is brilliant & I agree with it. Further investigations should be made on the matter though... ;)

I am writing a post in response to the art of categorizing people xD check mi :F