Monday, December 31, 2007



13 mins to go.. and voila!
I cannot help but feel sad a lil..
BUT.. the day was magical.. *after work onwards* il7mdellaa Xxx and mucho grazie to the moooost amazing mimz evah !

Back to business... 11 mins to GO! OMG
Resolutions of 2008 (cross fingers)

1. Become a better muslim (every year, this tops my list.. but.. well.. hmm)
2. Become a less pain to my mom (<3)
3. Pass my board exam
4. Pass my first year in Quality management
5. Get a Birkin (color/material mood dependent)
6. Go to NYC/TOKYO
7. Polish up mon francaise.
8. Cook a meal for my hubby.
9. Consider starting a family
10. Anger management.. keep my temper at bay.

Other resolutions i would like to keep to myself!

Happy New Year :)

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