Monday, December 31, 2007


And so, its the last day of the year, and I cannot help but post another new years entry. Its just that, a lot has changed, in me.

And since I tend to make it a habit to forget, I'm afraid this year would slip un noticed on my memory lane.

So I sit here, turkish coffee in hand, berry in the other, enjoying the delish aromas of my m0rning spot du jour, and thinking it all out, though roughly. I just have time to kill before my morning meeting, and if I had bothered to ask about the time it starts yesterday I wouldn't be here right n0w. Sippin my cuppah and reminiscing.

Ah the good ol days, I wonder if I would sit here this time next year and have good thoughts, better coffee, a bigger smile or be less grumpy.. It is matin after all, aaand I just had my first think positive don't kick anyone in the face m0ment. XD

So apart from this post being totally random, I have been pondering on some newly found issues lately, and I'm not quite sure how they make me feel, extremely happy at times yet really dependent on the downside. I hate being so needy, it irritates me.. Vulnerability for a rule does.

However, The Lid (not to be confused with The Line) is a good mechanism of keeping things at bay. Just put a sock in it and get it over with, things left unsaid might as well not be there after all. Whoever said there has to be an elephant in the room if u turn a blind eye to it, it disappears, with time.. Probably.

Having said all there is to say, and running out of time, coffee getting cold, and my thoughts settling down a lil, I will now start the last day of 2007, wishing it is as magical as I want it to be xx


Mi said...

I wonder if it was as magical as you wanted it to be...

Fastidious Babe said...

did i not blog about the fabulousness that day? prolly cuz i had alot going on back then ;)