Friday, December 28, 2007

Reflections on 2007

I learnt a lot this year, grew a lil, laughed a lil, tried out new things a lil, missed certain people a lil, and cried a lil. But over all.. I am satisfied with the way things went this past year.

My friends have evolved with me, some became whole.. Be it by finding love, starting a family, or changing careers of which brought us closer.

Others, have regressed into what I might call an acquaintance. But nevertheless, I blv people can grow in and out of each others lives accordingly.

On the plus side, acquaintances were made closer, and are proving to be better friends than ever *hugs mimz*

Some people were lost in translation, sadly.

On a professional level, it was a generally good year, got upgraded in work, started a masters class.. But it will take a while longer to reap the harvest.

As a person, I learnt that the best things in life are those that u have to take a big leap of faith in. That life is all about new beginnings, new people, new situations, and of course, new shoes, bags and cuisines XD

I hope that next year would have a fraction of this years firsts, that it will be more prosperous for me and those I care about the most, that the world would become a better place, that traffic would cease to exist, and the suffering would end, for all those who are sick, poor, or less fortunate.

I hope that I would not give up on work, or on my personal dilemma, that I would have a positive outlook on life, even on those "I wish I didn't have to get up" days. That I would continue to filter out people who put me down, and bring those with a good solid vibe closer. That I would become a better person and wife, with a bigger heart and non-existant grudges.

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Mimz said...

LOL New shoes bags and cuisines -6ab3an 6ab3an!

Wish u a happy new yeaAr and all the best ya mimi.. A year full of happiness, successes and uber NEW things ;)