Wednesday, December 26, 2007

viva l' independence

Dependence:the absolute need of constant support.

There are various types of dependence, there is :

A. Social dependence: when a person feels the need to interact socially to validate ones being.

B. Professional dependence; when your work defines who you are as a person.

C. Emotional dependence; this would best be described as the first thought u start ur day with and the last one before going to sleep. And its implications vary according to the subject beeing dependant on.

D. Substance dependence: food, alcohol, weed? Drugs, painkillers, sleeping pills.. Need I go on?

E. Physical dependence: to touch and be touched, to sleep or to exercise vigorously.

Those are all the types that come to my mind right now, stuck in traffic and applying my theories to myself and those around me.

Dependence is a burden, to ones self and to others. Try to be less of a burden and bask in independence next year! XxX

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