Saturday, June 13, 2009

On nail soaks and manicures

I just had THE best mani in Dubai. After the usual cut, buff and file I was presented with "Soak Opera". A selection of nail soaks that work like magic! My nails looked and felt so good after that I didn't want to polish them and ruin it xD

Soaks include: Herbie (herbal treatment), Fizzy Lizzie (refreshes), Dirt Buster (cleans), Dairy Fairy (whitens), Gell-O (scented crystal soak) and Preppy Polisher (shines).

I tried the dairy fairy and my hands smell heavenly!

Try it out at HyperSalon (now open at the Oasis mall too!)

- to sensual saturdays ;) xx
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serenade said...

sounds blissful... عليك بالعافية :)

Bahrain Fashion said...

Oh that's great XD Congrats on finding it!!!

A said...

YAY! Love the idea. Is it only in Oasis mall ?

AMmor said...

I realy do need a mani/padi, since all i wear is snadels for summer

bs where can I find this place ?

PinkChampagne said...

Great post babes x
I love the toast ;)

Delly said...

i should get my nails done, its been 2 weeks since i got my last mani padi :/
plus bubbles should get this soak thingie!

Anonymous said...

Funny I had a hot stone mani earlier today! Must be pampering day for all of us ladies hehehe

How much was your treatment... if I may ask?

Fastidious Babe said...

serenade: totally was!

BF: a fab find indeed x

A: no, they have a branch in the arabian plaza too :)

AMmor: in Dubai!

PC: glad u can relate babes xD

Delly: I need a good medicated pedi pronto, with feet reflexology XD

ansam: hmmm around 70 AED for the manicure+soak x