Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soleil Tan de chanel

Fabulous bronzers just hit Dubai! Get ur hands on them before they run out. (Eye shadows already did!)

- to sun kissed cheeks and shimmery lips xx

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Candy said...

am a make-up junkee @@!
and fastidioussss! post much mooore abt make-up brands =D

PinkChampagne said...

Now you tell me :) !!
Love the post babes xx

AMmor said...

ur post came at the perfect tym :D im actualy lookin for a grt blush or bronzer to give me that beautiful sun kissed cheeks
I was gong for bobbi brown thu =/

Ansam said...

Awesome! Thanks ;-)
Will check it out after work

Fastidious Babe said...

Candy: sure thing! For makeup updates just click on the make up tag xx

PC: lol ur the chanel girl here ;) xx

AMmor: i tried it on today and it was fantastic! x

Ansam: tell me what u think! x