Monday, June 8, 2009

Tanning Tips!

- Scrub and buff 1-2 weeks before hand.

- Always cover ur face or make sure ur spf-ed every 1.5 hours (our sun is Strong)

- Opt for a tanning gel, and get something water proof (I personally love lancaster)

- Avoid the sun from 12 to 3 in Dubai, its unhealthy.

- Moisturise after preferably with a tan mazimizer.

- If u got a burn aloe vera gels sold in pharmacies are fabulous, apply generously!

- Finish off with a spray tan! They even come to ur place here in dubai xD

- to happy and safe tanning! xoxo
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A Journal Entry said...

love this post!
i'll try the scrub then tan tip soon!

zain said...

the 12-3 tip is very important..i got sun burnt :(

Aljoud said...

I should go out in the sun more often >.< I miss it!

The spray tan @ home sounds fab!! please please please forward me their contact!!
big x

Delly said...

great tips!
i got tanned 2 weeks ago and i so luv it! ;)

- F said...

yaay thanks for the tips <3

- F said...

yaay thanks for the tips <3

Bent Aldar said...

Hey thanks for the tips

Last month I went to the beach after I did Moroccan bath and OMG I was completely burned I was so redish
I even took pain killer to be able to live and wear my cloths
Tanning can be so dangerous

Anonymous said...

Whats the contact number/email/website to the spray tan @ home?

Rude Lovers said...

ugh i so want to tn but my doctor won't let me :( my pressure is low and staying under the sun for too long with harm the baby

yallah enshallah next year after i deliver

Bloo said...

Try YSL tan body and face powder. Its golden and gorgeous.

PinkChampagne said...

The home service one sounds it any good?

sadia said...

v.useful indeed!

Anonymous said...

tanning at home ? PLZZZZZZ GIMME The numba :D

Ansam said...

May I also suggest the hair sun protection spray to give UV protection and hydration? I so recommend Fekkai products for that ;-)

Fastidious Babe said...

A Journal entry: glad u liked it! xx

zain: u have to be very careful here!

Aljoud: ;) just make sure ur protected xx

Delly: yaaiy you! i'm working on my tan right now XD

F: anytime sweetheart x

BentAldar: babe u should not do anything after a moroccan bath, no waxing, laser, henna or tanning until ur skin calms down.. it takes around one week x

Anon: dont have it on me

Rude Lovers: inshalla! xx

Bloo: will do! lovin ur icon! x

PC: they use SunFX which is an austrailian brand.. its supposed to be really good x

sadia: anytime!

Anon2: drop me a line will u:)

Ansam: YES! definitely! thats something i missed! I used the lancaster mask thing and it works.. but fekkai is fab too xD thanx gorgeous x