Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pop Quiz

This one goes to fashionistas everywhere xD

What does this shoe remind you of?

(Spotted at charles & keith)

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Delly said...

Giuseppe Zanotti !

karroozi said...

zanottttttiiiiii! hehehe

- F said...

Zanotti!!!!!! Those pair are on sale now on btw xD

Bahrain Fashion said...

Giuseppe Zanotti :)


Fastidious Babe said...

U girls rock XD

F: really? wow its from 3 seasons ago or something!

mosha said...

lol at least if they wanna copy, they should copy something that's "current"! why the hell were they digging in old collections =/
it's annoying how those shops keep copying designers' items! forever 21 now got my mytre chloes "which are supposed to be my signature sunglasses and i was thinking of getting them in all colors" and for like what, 30 dhs?!! i felt like crying so hard!