Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Benji Button, the review

Spoiler alert, the review (and every other review) will have a spoiler, stop reading now, no hate mail plz!

Ok! The movie was THREE hours long, u obviously need three hours to cover the lifetime of a man from birth till death I guess..

Its long. Very very long.

We walked out feeling that it was a pretty intense movie. And amazed by the visual effects and aging processes seen in the movie..

But on the way out, I spotted Derek (I mentioned him a decade or so ago) and he's well into his 50's.. I know because we threw him a bday bash once.. Anyways.. On the movie, he said: it kinda makes u want to appreciate life more..

And I knew, had I been older, that would probably be my exact thought.

In his lifespan, Button did everything he wanted to, he traveled the world and worked and loved and tried it all.. He truely lived. And although he couldn't make his love life last for as long as he wanted, he made the best out of it.

As I said before, its a very intense movie.

And its long.

I give it a 7.5

But ask me again in 20 years or so.

- to making it work, inshallaa! xx (sorry, this one's just for me)
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Fashionista said...

i loved the movie

يبين انه متعوب عليه

حسافة ما فاز اب

best picture oscar

i loved it way more than slumdog millionaire

Ruby Woo said...

The three hours!!!

I wanted to see it, but everyone says it's long so it lost it's mojo (to me that is)

nyxxie said...

didn't watch it when i was on my last trip to londres, it's on my list now for the trip in a few weeks. x

Nemo said...

i loved the movie :)

BornConfuzed said...

I thought the movie was uplifting and had a positive feel.

Worth the 3 hours =)

Amalia said...

i've seen the movie
when u watch it the first time u won't connect to it
i mean there was no action in there
they didn't focused on real life and emotions
but when u wake up the next day and remember how he litrary LIVED his life u'll change ur mind

i guess :D

but still
doesn't desevre an Oscars for it

Slumdog is waaaay better

Fastidious Babe said...

Fashionista: im gonna watch slumdog bacher! XD FINALLY lol

Ruby Woo: i totally get that, had i known it was 3 hours long i would have reconsidered myself!

nyxxie: its perfect for just that! inflight entertainment XD

Nemo: it is a good movie :)

BC: wish i could say the same :)

Amalia: lol what u said actually makes sense! the movie is too intense the first time round for us.. needs some time to go through and settle XD