Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Pixie!

Just watched "Rosemary's Baby"..

Mia farrow not only looked adorable in her super cute mini maternity dresses, but her innocent doe eyes made the movie even more captivating.. She reminds me of twiggy, and her haircut is just fabulous (currently seen on V beckham)

Would you ever go this short?

- to cute baby doll dresses x


Stand-Alone~ said...

hmm.. would love to go that short bas my kisha doesnt support my case :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Im a long hair kind of nope i wouldnt ;)

Fashionista said...

nopes, i dont think i can afford it, not everyone has the face and tiny bod for it

Butter said...

Wow I love that dress! I love VB's dress too.
I once was gonna go for that hair cut but i used to go to this shi* salon and they didnt get what I want so they ended up cutting for me something different.
Now my hair is till the end of my back, if I go for that hair cut I'm gonna be crying forever hehe.

sadia said...

i wish i could!...just won't work for me..

Anonymous said...

mia looks amaze

KissMyShades said...

I remember watching the movie at 16, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaars later, and I still cannot manage to rid that nightmare/encounter with the devil *ehem ehem* scene out of my head

Zabo0o6a said...

My hair reaches the small of my back , so i guess it's not an option right now !
Anyways i might go for it when i'm 30 or something..

Delly said...

i would never go this short! ta3abt 3ala ma6awwalt sha3ri!! lol

MashMosh said...

hmmmm.... maybeee =P

Mme.Monstre said...

i dont think it'd suit me .. bas if i was reallllly crazy and out of my mind one day .. i'd do it and probably regret it the second day .. a7is its such a temporary trend w its hard to grow it back in a short period of time .. -,-" .. its cute all in all .. lol .. oh and you are tagged (a)

Livingmylife said...

i posted about Vb's haircut once .. i still duno if i like it .. i mean u gota admit .. it is SHORT!

ya3ni law ga9aita hal gi9ir .. SHASAWI FEEH?

no way .. magdar agi9 sha3ri THAT short


Ruby Woo said...

I would, but not anytime soon since it took me 3 years to grow it out. It used to be that short, but maybe I would again in the future if I get to my ultra skinny look.

Victoria's hair looks hideous, I hate it on her. I love it on Mia though, it looks angelic.

Ansam said...

Been there hehehe yes! I had a boy short hair once too!

enory said...

it looks good on many people but definitely not me!! i feel safe as long as i have hair down my face lol

Aljoud said...

I <3 the dress! so adorable!
I love pregnant ladies who are well dressed lol
and no, I could NEVER ever ever go this short.. or any shorter than my current length.. I love my long hair to bits <3

coco said...

Everytime I see Mia I think of Michelle Williams, don't you think they look so alike?

Even Sweeter said...

Beautiful,I love it...

love long hair but it's not bad idea change...BUT never that short!!

FourMe said...

waaaay too short for my taste..

Fastidious Babe said...

Stand Alone: lol laish it would look hip :P

DR: long hair can get tedious tho..

Fashionista: i totally agree!

Butter: lol i once did that, chopped it off and cried my heart out XD

sadia: yeah me too..

v: she does!

kissmyshades: i know its pretty disturbing!

Zaboo6a: thats one way of looking at it xD

Delly: and i think it gets harder as u get older to grow it :P although my hairdresser says it doesnt make a difference!

MashMosh: it is a pretty big decision xD

MmeMonstre: yeah it takes guts :P TAGGED? OH NO! lol

Livingmylife: t76een a lil feyonka headband? lol

Ruby Woo: i need to get to my ultra skinny look pronto XD

Ansam: the shortest i went was ear length, bes more of a bob XD

enory: totally get that! XD

Aljoud: i LOVE seeing well dressed pregnant women! its just super cute!

coco: i guess there is a resemblance! but here she looks like a twiggylookalike!

Even Sweeter: nothing drastic then, subtle changes are the ones that last XD

Fourme: it does suit her tho, vrai? x