Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Dubai:

"Women here like luxury, they appreciate good quality and beautiful clothes - everything I love" V. Beckham after a stroll in Boutique1, Dubai.

One her endless Hermes bags she said:

" When you buy an Hermes bag it actually goes on ur wealth portfolio, like a piece of art"

Victoria's dresses collection will be available in Villa Moda in Kuwait and Dubai (eventually!)

- to fashion forward markets x
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Fury said...

heh Vicky is not exactly a role model but she's another person I adore.I so want to raid her closet.

Delicately Realistic said...

Love the shoes ;>

Butter said...

Ohhh <3 her dressesss, can;t waitttt... been looking for them at sax!
Love Victoria Beckham

eshda3wa said...

man that woman is jaikara!

madre what her hot hubby sees in her!

Fashionista said...

luv her dresses

nyxxie said...

she gets on my nerves

sadia said...

i can't stand her!
i hate her husband's voice too!

Couture Carrie said...

She is so fab!


Fastidious Babe said...

Fury: she does have a fabulous sense of style though..

DR: lol thanx! xx

Butter: villa moda is supposed to open sometime soon.. that's what they keep telling us anyways!

eshda3wa: lol mskeeenaa :P she does dress well tho!

Fashionista: they are so.. her!

nyxxie: i know, shes a major pain in the arse lol but i love her bags n shoes.. even her bob got me in the mood to chop off my hair XD

sadia: can't remember his voice lol

CC: isnt she? XD

Emaratioryx said...

I love her style,, she's my idol <3