Wednesday, February 18, 2009


If the floral trend didn't make it to ur closet yet, then this super cute clutch is a good start!

@ sauce, the dubai mall.

- to flowah powah lol x
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Butter said...

It's cute.
I like sauce but they can get so annoying sometimes with their over priced clothes like a normal plain white t0shirt is not less that 500AED, I mean come on! Check out the 3eesa collection I love it.
They always have amazzzing clutches in sauce.

Ruby Woo said...

It is cute!

Limited said...

its cute bs as butter said, theyre annoying with the overpricing of everything! fee swalif el9ara7a matswa ni9 the price tag they put on it ..

Even Sweeter said...

i really love the bag colors!!...

sauce Boutique is one of my favorite!!

A Journal Entry said...

sauce opened a brach fe dubai mall??

coco said...

I love the colour, I'm really into pink at the moment.

Being Brazen said...

So cute!

Fastidious Babe said...

Butted: when they first opened i heard they have a 100% profit policy.. but i like the boutique experience, and they do have the cutest outfits x

Ruby Woo: isnt it xD

Limited: lol yeah i guess..

Even Sweeter: u should check out the one in XVA and the new one at the dubai mall.. super cute! x

A journal entry: well it does break the boutique rule, but so what right? lol x

coco: me too, pink is the new black this summer :P u heard it here first lol

Being Brazen: i know! x

Ansam said...

How much was it for?