Monday, February 23, 2009

The Persistant Ex

For the record, I started off with the full intention of finishing off my assignment which is due in a few days..

But with twitter, the oscars, and everything fabulous online.. I kinda lost track of time..

Anyways.. more to the point..

Did you ever wake up to find a text message or an email or even a miss call that gives you a sore feeling that lasts all day? Yes, this is a post on those people who refuse to let go.. who think that its better to have some kind of connection "just in case" than let go.. Those who send friday forwards, or an occasional email telling you that they are still there, waiting.. or something!

My friend gets a "good morning" message from her ex every single day! Its frustrating.. and drains you on the long run..

Has anyone had any similar experiences? And how do you deal with it?

- to decluttering x


3anooda said...

yep i can feel her - i get the occasional texts from my ex declaring his still undying love and if i ever happen to bump into on the streets then i will get a chain of one sided conversation from him asking me to give him another chance blah blah

we broke up 4 years ago

Yara said...

Even after i got married, this guy who proposed to me still sends sms's every single day... its usually just " Hi " , one time he sent " Ya 7a'6a zojich " ,
For the first time in my life i changed my phone number

Anonymous said...

maybe this person cares about you! maybe they just want to know that you are ok!

FourMe said...

i think your friend should be happy that there is someone out there that cares about her enough to remember her every morning.. she can just delete it..

Delly said...

thats really frusterating! couple of months ago i got an email from a person i had a crush on ayam iljam3a..!! to make it worse i was telling my friend WAI SHAKHBARA just few days before! uff... akraha now! sometimes i wish i could tell him: huh i was so lucky when u refused to love me back coz u gave me the chance find someone BETTER than u ! :D

Anonymous said...

I wish this happened to me. Most of the people I cared for do not even acknowledge my existance anymore.they all moved on yet have managed to flaunt their new g/f's in my face.


Livingmylife said...

Yup! Its the worst! .. the solution .. IGNORE IGNORE IGNORE ;/

and at ANONYMOUS! lool .. i think she/he is a persistant ex hence the defensive comment;p


Fastidious Babe said...

3anooda: yep that's exactly what im talking about...

Yara: that's one good way of dealing with it..

Anon: yes, but some things have to stay in the past.. where they belong.

Fourme: its frustrating and its not about caring for another person.. its about knowing when to let go..

Delly: lol atta girl XD

Anon2: people should move on.. a relationship ends for a reason, and being persistent only hurts both sides..

Livingmylife: yeah i guess ignoring it can work, but those things have a way of creeping on u and ruining ur mood.. as for tsk tsk we don't judge here x

Anonymous said...

Obviously the guy wants to keep her emotionally reserved so he can have her to himself without committing to her.

I heard this story over and over in both middle eastern and western socities.

She deserves better.

Anonymous said...

its happened to me in the past.. a couple of times..

it was annoying.. because i felt the women were just being needy..

ppl shud understand that when its been said to be over, then its clearly over ! simple.

Fastidious Babe said...

Anon1: Hmm, maybe so

Anon2: that's all we're saying!

Anonymous said...

i also agree with anonymous 1, even tho im a guy, but i can see how that would make sense, and i have seen some of my guy friends do it as well to their ex's.. it is sick.. but c'est la vie..

(anonymous 2 again)