Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twilight, I know u've all watched the movie by now.

When the movie came out, all the girls I know were going edward crazy, I was intrigued, but then they told me vampires were involved. That was all I needed to hear. I am not a fan of the paranormal: vampires, witches, ufo's (they all fit in the same category when it comes to me lol) although I did watch heroes for some time. But that's different :p

Anyways! lol Twilight obsessed Halawa made me read the book and insisted I don't see the movie before reading it :p she also sent it to my BB, which probably had a lot to do with the fact that I finished it.

I haven't read a book through in ages!

So now: the verdict

Part one: the one where she meets edward, the tension and courting.. I liked that part a lot, probably cuz it took me back to highschool, and how irrational first love is.. It was nice. My favorite part of the book, although it does get extra mushy for my taste at times lol

Part two: the vampire hunting, chasing and mm the bloody part.. As I said, its not my thing, but I read through..

Part 3: the happily ever after, it was predictable, but I like how the ending is kinda open.. Its a plus.

Overall: enjoyed it, an interesting read, a good 7.5!

Maybe now I can watch the movie? ;p

What did u think of it?

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Halawa said...


Ahahahaha Twilight obsessed Halawa XD

My favorite part was probably The Meadow.. perfection.

Open ending... nu-uh... there are 3 books to read Missy XD! The sequel is called New Moon.

I'm really glad you liked it! Didn't it sorta gave me haha, let's call it Edward-standards for guys :P.. I know they'll never be like him, but it's good to crush on fictional characters every once in a while eh?

Yes, you can watch the movie :D.. You'll understand everything now that you've read the book.
Tell me, who's your fav character?

Oh, and here's my post about our Twilight day out:

Anonymous said...

I think for a fan in the making that is put off by the story of vampries (like me) watching the movie is the hook on factor...

I watched the movie out of boredom... then became crazy! I could not think about anyone other than Edward...

The best best BEST book is the 2nd, when Edward ditches bella!!!

i like the begining of the fourth book too... from page one up until Isle Esme ;) when u get there u will know what is it about :D

Fastidious Babe said...

What do u mean he ditches bella!!! That's exactly the kinda world we live in. And to think I got all gushy about their romantic endevours lol

Halawa: I think that's it for me n vampires, and btw in my head edward has a tan lol x

Danderma: I can't blv u just told me what happens, what if I wanted to read em? ;p lol

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i havent seen the movie yet =(

bs halawa made me read it too lol ;)

she even sent me part 2 oo ill start it soon hehe ;)

Livingmylife said...

what about part 4?! .. 9ej ena breaking dawn is HUGE .. bas its soo worth it! u gota read! ana im nearly done with it..

and yeah u shud watch it! what are u waiting for?!


Fastidious Babe said...

DanDooon: SHE DID? halawa, forward me the second part then.. XD

Livingmylife: lol okay so the fan base is pretty widespread XD

Karamilah said...

it is good, i dont like the fact that everything is so very predictable, and it is not as good as harry potter.

i finished book 2 and i was borrowing book 3 from my friend before the holiday but i forgot it at the office at uni

Limited said...

i loved the books .. but i didnt like the movie as much =/

sexy_sour_sweet said...

ble5 movie SUCKS... Book = <3

sham3h said...

heheheheheh, welcome to the Twilight Saga mania! I read all 4 book in a week! I had the misfortuen to watch the movie before reading the books (my sis dragged me) the story line was appealing, the whole civilized vampire thing was pretty innovativve and I liked how the first part hinted at the Quilities desending from wolves (hint hint ;) )

so, yeah go ahead and enjoy reading the remaining 3 books (book 3 is kinda boring though) and book 4 is a whole different game ;) and yeah he ditches her in book 2, but its sooo worth reading :)

I am waiting for "New Moon" movie due Nov'09

if you like, i can send you .pdf format of the books so you can read them on your BB (thats what i used to do ;) )

cheeeers :D

Faten said...

they ruined the book..
I didn't like the movie at all.. the cast is fine,but the shots weren't good..& the scenario is bad! no one can understand it without reading the book..

eshda3wa said...

i didnt read the books or watch the movies

im not a fan of the paranormal either

and my sister read the first book and she was like maybe if i were 16 i would have fallen head over heels

but reading it now i dont know wat the hype is about

and shes only 19!

so that totally turned me off of it!

Anonymous said...

I wasnt a fan of those kinds of stories either.. but i absolutley LOVED this Sequence. And my favorite one is the last one "Breaking Dawn".. it was amazing. And as much as a loved the book twighlite, i hated the movie. ilba6al loooo3aaa.. oo ilbint birood.. basically all the characters yayeen isam3oon their lines.. ba6aw chabdi. the movie does help you picture some of the incidents or settings that are difficult to imagine.. but other than that, ta7asaft ini shifta, 5arab the imagination i had in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Nah do not worry... i didnt spoil anything for you. The plot where edward ditches bella in the 2nd book is written on the back. and the fourth book has the isle esme thing in the content ;)

and nothing i can tell you will prepare you for the last book.

Book 3 is kinda boring and lame... i was surprised when saw there was a fourth book aslan ...

Ms. D said...

inty shofy khilgat edwardoooo then 3alqay.. akh!

Ruby Woo said...

the picture with the cats and the birds is soooo cute!

ahhh.... twilight (L)

Fastidious Babe said...

Karamilah: ah yet another fan lol x

Limited: this seems to be the case with everyone, i guess some scenes cant be recreated! x

sexy sour sweet: Ok XD

sham3h: oh i did not know they're making the second book into a movie too.. i have it on my bb! lol might check it out XD

Faten: i think books are generally almost always better than their movies..

eshda3wa: to me, taking me back to when i was 16 ( THATS TEN YEARS AGO!! lol god!) was why i liked the book, it reminded me of the optimistic love sans cynicism days.. yep, it was a good read :)

Anon: oh! movies do that sometimes!

danderma: i still cant blv he ditches her lol whatever happened to "eternal love" :P XD

Ms D: i saw him on leno! heidi klum was on too and she went like "is ur hair always like that or did u just roll outta bed" or something.. mskeen XD lol

Ruby woo: i knowwww!!! i looooooooove them! x

Halawa said...




*counts to 10* okay.. phew.

LOL @ the tanned Edward XD

Don't listen to what they say, no one's leaving anyone.

And, about what Karamilah said, I agree, Twilight is my second fav Series.; Nothing is better than Harry Potter.