Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can't get enough of..

Summer Flats! Seriously, I just love em!

What's ur must-have summer item this season?

- to comfy strides ;)

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PinkChampagne said...

Woohoo! Youve decided :D

Anonymous said...

Hot classics of chanel! Like them both!

Bahrain Fashion said...

I love Chanel! Very exquisite and elegant!

Fastidious Babe: I just started "Bahrain Street Style". It was brutal yet fun! I was roaming all around Adliya in Manama, Bahrain, trying to find someone willing to be in a style blog! Very hard- people were not open to it. But I did it. I just posted my first BAHRAIN STREET STYLE!


Delly said...

same here! cant get enough of shoes in all seasons!

Layla said...

Summer dresses <3 and extra loose shirts

Candy said...

Fastidioussss! U are a fashion icon guurl :D

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: la still!!! lol

Anon: <3

BF: fabulous n classy, that's chanel xD

Delly: i've been a very bad girl this season, its all about shoes, shoes n more shoes! *sigh*

Layla: i love oversized shirts! <3

Candy: AWWW! *blushes* xx

Luxurina said...

Love both! Amazing taste as usual! for me it's summer dresses, usually silky, flowy and wgite, with tan high heel sandals *

Fastidious Babe said...

luxurina: white is my new obsession this summer!

Ansam said...

suntan :-P