Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The day I had Gold Flakes for lunch

"Margaux" @ souq al bahar

Oversees burj Dubai and its glorious fountains

Risotto D'or

Bistro Margaux opened recently in Souq al Bahar..A new french-italian place with a perfect terrace overlooking Burj Dubai and a very brief but authentic menu.

I tried the Risotto D'or ("or" being "gold" in french) which had actual edible gold flakes and was delicious!

Recommended for a special night out ;)

- to unique experiences x


Delly said...

i want a special night out :(

sadia said...

^walla me too! =/

Ms. D said...

edible how? were they crunchy?

Bahrain Fashion said...

Gold Rissoto... Super Luxe!!

Fastidious Babe said...

Delly and Sadia: plan it and get on it! XD

Ms D: la2, they kinda melt into the rice..

BF: yep, the french way of living XD

Ansam said...

we have maki rolls with gold flakes here in one of the sushi restaurants hehehe... its called Sheikh Majed Maki

Candy said...

the last pic is yummy [drolls]
and it shows how el ga3da is ray8aa
can't wait for the day where i step burj dubai =D

Fastidious Babe said...

Ansam: lol is it good? yumm i want sushi now!

Candy: it is, ur gonna love it XD

Ansam said...

its not bad :-)

Luxurina said...

Looks delish..girl you always go to the hottest spots and I love it!

in my choos said...

yummm you made me crave risotto!



Fastidious Babe said...

Ansam: so gonna try it when i get to K town xD

Luxurina: i like checking out new places! xD

inmychoos: i love risotto! <3