Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dubai 1962

Showcased for the first time ever

"Dubai has a mystical power that touches one's heart" Y. Kawashima 2009

Dubai 1962 is a photo exhibition by Yoshio Kawashima who visited Dubai 47 years ago and set out to capture various shots of Dubai back in the day. A fascinating collection of photographs are unveiled for the first time ever to the public in this exhibition. Walking through the gallery I actually wished I had been there, and seen it all for myself. You must check it out in DUCTAC at Mall of the Emirates.

- to the good old days xx


Aljoud said...

I looooove!! <3 I want to live in those times and wear a brge3 *sigh*

Mi said...

Love the pics! I should visit the gallery

Bahrain Fashion said...

Such an exciting exhibit! How interesting is it- to travel back in time! ;) love, love, love!!!

eshda3wa said...


would be amazing to see all the progress that happened from then till now

Fastidious Babe said...

Aljoud: lol yeah simpler times!

Mi: u should! x

BF: its the details of everyday living that he captured so well in the shots that touched me the most! x

eshda3wa: major transformation!