Saturday, May 16, 2009

I see Rouge!

Chanel's Rouge Allure event

Ruby Slippers Collection at Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai

Red Slippers anyone?

- to infatuation xx


Limited said...


I'm sorry, i don't have words ..

Anonymous said...

Owh lol i was telling my mama today when i was shopping @ HN that i need to check out saks to find my perfect graduation shoes! Can you help me with that? something comfi but hot ;) does it sounds unbeliveable? ;p

Delly said...

i need new shoes! im depressed :/

Bahrain Fashion said...

Oh! too sparkly! Lol
-to saks-y glamour!!

Silhouette Crime said...

got the invite.. forgot :P

- F said...

I seriously need to go shopping! haha

WildCard said...

invite? where when how?! :D

Fastidious Babe said...

Limited: i get u XD

Anon: OK definitely check out saks, much more variety than harvey... comfy shoes? loubie platforms! or manolos.. it depends really! u need to try them out and walk in them in store.. but not on the carpet, on marble so u know what ur dealing with lol GLUCK and congrats xx

Delly: we all need shoes *sigh*

BF: like u cant imagine.. it was magically sparkly all the way! xx

SC: it was fab :)

F: save it for lafayette! <3

WC: saks, no biggie lol

Ms. D said...


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