Saturday, May 2, 2009

This Summer...

Prada's new travel bags come in 15 different colours suited for the stylish jet set diva..

What colour will you go for?

- to the sisterhood of the traveling prada ;)


PinkChampagne said...

lol I love that 'sisterhood of travelling Prada.' xx

Web Weaver said...

I love designer traveling luggage... the problem is do our stuff fit in them??

Aljoud said...

purple and raspberry ;)

Even Sweeter said...

Am sooo going with the Purple and white

* To sisterhood of travelling prada


Delly said...

purple or mustard!
so the devil's carrying prada this summer? :p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

to the sisterhood of travelling prada! xx

visionaire said...


Big Pearls said...

neon blue:)

Bloggerista said...

pink, u?

Cooookies said...

Luv the white but too risky

so going for the mustardy yellowish one ! <3

3anooda said...

the red or the fuschia for sure

but it doesnt look like a pretty one anyways - looks quite boring

btw r u getting my new posts on ur dashboard feed - laneh pple are telling me that they arent seeing anything

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: lol cute vraiment? xD

WebWeaver: one suitcase doesnt suit anyone :P

Aljoud: i loved the purple one, except my current luggage is purple! x

Even Sweeter: white's haute! but its white! gonna turn grey mn awal safra lol

Delly: loved the mustard! yep, the devil's traveling in pradas cette ete xD

Dandooon xx

visionaire: classic!

BP: me too! XD

Bloggerista: all the blues look so very haute!

coookies: i like! x

3anooda: i feel its unreliable! i dont get all post updates!