Saturday, May 30, 2009

Now in Dubai

7 for all mankind opened exactly 7 days ago at The Dubai Mall :p Thought I might find the distressed skinnies seen on Rihanna but they still don't have all their stock out yet. Maybe next week :)

- to delicious denim ;)
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Bahrain Fashion said...

I absolutely love 7 for all Mankind, but I never realized that they had standalone stores?! The Du store looks spacious..
Na3eeman! XD

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell u that I think the distressed skinnies you mean, that Rihanna wore, are J Brand not 7 .. Maybe ur referring to another pair

Candy said...

did i mention b4 that am in love with ur banner ♥ :O

ahh Dubai Mall when am gonna give ya a visit,i knooow shame on me

no sympathasis plz <_<"

Ms. D said...

They just opened in kuwait in the avenues mall like 6 days ago as well but I did go in I was doin other stuff wid mom if I went into a jeans shop shed just die ;p

Aljoud said...

yay! I love their jeans! <3
I bought a pair of skinnies 2 years ago and wore them to death... couldnt find ANYTHING similar to them or half as comfy lain a7een!! =(

PinkChampagne said...

7 rocks...I love their jeans :)
Must check out the skinnies!

WildCard said...

Love the jeans they have but guys their return policy is lame. I got jeans from them in London for my brother but they weren't the right size so I went back for an EXCHANGE, not a refund, but they said they don't after 7 days!

f7ee7eely said...

they opened up here in Kuwait at the avenues few months back but they are overpriced.....

Fastidious Babe said...

BF: yeah didnt know they did stand alone either x

Anon: i was pretty sure its 7 till i read this.. im talking about the acid washed ones..

Candy: thanx sweety.. u should definitley check it out x

Ms D: oh that's nice!

Aljoud: yeah they r super comfy.. was just telling my friend that xx

PC: lol yep ;) x

WC: for real? ah well..

f7ee7eely: i thought so too, they were priced more than they would be in harvey nix.. that i was sure off..

Anonymous said...

The acid ones are definitely j brand, i tried them on in london, theyr hard 2 work ;s