Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blab a la Gab

Its been ages since i had one of those long laid back days, where i lie down on my uber comfy couch, log online and just browse the world wide web XD i miss all my bookmarks.. all the blogs i check up on *i do apologize* and the shopping! i do miss the online shopping too!

I blame the cat.

And the fact that i have been shopping non-stop ever since i got my grades.. oh .. i passed.. lol

I love shopping in Dubai..

Also, i've been going to the movies like they might shut down or something.. .in fact, im typing this right now with my friend just around the corner, on her way to pick me up and head to the movies.. i'm watching an ARABIC movie this time.. emmm .. i really don't know what to say.. but u gotta try it all xD

On another note, this past week was FAB.. not only was the shopping ravishingly divine, i had the best company anyone could ask for ;) we sat a lil, sipped our cosmos a lil and laughed alot.. *sigh* i do miss her.. already! Xxx

Next week i start work.. and a whole buncha pending to-do's..

So until then, i wish u all great company, laughter, and lous xx

- to high's! xx


Big Pearls said...

I enjoy shopping..take me with you next time:p

Mi said...

Same here, past week was amazing. Uni off, forgot all about my todo listS and had lots of fun avec mon amiEe, aka Mii.. Reading this drew a lil smile.. Reminds me of the fact that I love life.

To blaming tintin!

Fastidious Babe said...

big pearls: 7ayyach xD

mi: aaahh i can prolly write a poem 3an last week and life en generale.. to next week ;) xx