Monday, April 14, 2008

Football & Me

I have always been a football fan, less so nowadays but definitely hard core back in the days when the girls would gather up and throw a pre-match party... Colour coded et al xD

Its quite interesting how we used to side up with one team, sometimes because they represent a country we love, other times because the players are pure eye candy and sometimes.. Just sometimes.. Because they played better xD

No matter how bad the teams played, we enjoyed the rush we got from routing for them, the bets we made and the after parties we had.. I met my husband after one of those bets xD yes.. Me n football go way back ..

And then I met that one person who had the exact match watching rituals, habits, and saw red, just they way I saw it.
But, for political (ehm) reasons, we are no longer in contact.

So "our" team won today. Yaiy us!

Congrats to all alahli fans xx
And for all of u gals who see no point in match-watching, ur missin out xD

- to mo, the person, not the cat! Xx

P.S. I'm sending this before the match ends, cuz I know we will win xD
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Big Pearls said...

I tried to be a football fan..wallah 7awalt..I couldn't!

Mi said...

Grl!! u attracted it! xD congrats congrats! Xoxo

Baroque said...

men running after a ball..
did i make myself clear? xx

Fastidious Babe said...

big pearls: its all in the rush :P

mi: aaah i know i did XD

baroque: but its much much more! Its a passion, better yet, its a way of living XD well thats pushing it a bit too far.. it really IS fun once u get the hang of it ;)