Saturday, April 12, 2008

First impressions

Within the first 7 seconds of meeting someone, you make up your mind about what they are to u. If u like them or not, if u want them, or not. If the person is going to add onto ur life, or is just plain destructive.. We make the decision of keeping or leaving that person behind in our journey right from the beginning, and most of the time, your gut instinct is right. Occasionally though, we get distracted or refuse to jump into a category right from the start.. And we might tag that person along for so long and then discover that our first hunch was right to start with. Other times, we leave a person behind and after some time (years maybe), time proves us wrong.

Basically, relationships are a gamble.. And sometimes, sticking with ur gut feeling is the best option u got.

What's your take on judging a book by its cover.. Enlighten me ;)

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Baroque said...

Have you ever read "Blink" by i think Malcolm Gladwell? So U!

me? i constantly judge people and i constantly take those judgments back and then freakishly enough some time passes and i get shocked/screwed..

SO YES I BELIEVE IN THE first 4-7 seconds.. but i'm pretty sure they are 4 seconds only..

Big Pearls said...

The first impression tells us a lot..that's for sure..but it doesn't tell us all..I personally think we never really know a person until we either live or travel with them:p

Baroque said...

babe, i kinda love ur blogging personality..

u're like my blogger best friend..

OMG, i felt like a deranged online stalker just now.. xx

Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Catalonia Spain
thank you

Mi said...

Yes, judging a book by its cover, blink, the power of thinking without thinking.. I personally love the concept, very true and so somehow reliable... at least for me. Sometimes, it happens by mr subby *n this guy plays a vital role in my life, u c ;)*

Relationships are a gamble indeed, that's why most of us prefer staying with our childhood friends, even if they weren't resembling what we want. *Remembering an arabic proverb xD*

Fastidious Babe said...

baroque: funny story, i've had this book on my night stand for like ages, and i did pick it up cuz it drew me in from the first glance.. and mucho grazzie 3al blog is ur haven ;) ur more than welcome to bask in my wisdom lol .. i enjoy seeing ur comments here too babe xx

big pearls: thats a very valid point, i too think that traveling with a person shows you what they are really made off.. *i so need to travel.. pronto!*

Té la mà Maria: Gracias xD

mi: aaahh the subby, it all boils down to the battle between subby and obrien.. doesn't it? ;)

Baroque said...

bask in your "wisdom", lol okay someone has an inflated ego.. ;p

u should read it, tres interesting! xx