Friday, August 15, 2008

Are you always on the phone?


What do you consider "rude"? Is it when a person talking to you is also on the phone (talking/texting/browsing? lol)? And how big an issue is it to you?

- to communication 101! xx


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Gomen kudasai.

Rimyoleta said...

I'm always on the phone!
and when I say always I mean ALWAYS I donno why!

Rewind said...

I'm always texting :$

A Journal Entry said...

i try my best not to text while chatting with someone.. i find it rude if i do so

Ansam said...

I can multi-task!
I see it rude when its during a meeting or at a social gathering and such.... but shako asking me to go to the back! what kind of customer service is this!!!

Fastidious Babe said...

rimyoleta: lol i totally get that !

rewind: again.. i get that :P i am on txt-mode 247!

a journal entry: well with me.. (a compulsive texter) I try to maintain eye contact with whoever is sitting with me if i absolutely have to text! I find it is less irritating that way.. rude none the less.. a habit i must get over!

ansam: I KNOW TELL ME ABOUT IT! I mean right now everyone has to be a multi tasker in order to get stuff done.. I can't imagine how i would react if they made me go back in line a la KINDER GARDEN!

Lono said...

Well I guess its rude when u talk and text or talking on the phone, specially ur in a meeting and people around u check their phone every 2 second. Ma 3indohum salfa am trying my best not to touch the phone while am with friend or etc at least what we can do is excuse if u wanna do it ( theba7na al blackberry kel shay feeeh ) lol

Fastidious Babe said...

lono: yeah i try my best not to too!