Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breakout crisis!

The weather is getting worse by day, not only is it hot and humid but its dusty and grey in a ghastly way..

And to top it off all my allergies have flared up from the dust n what not, my face is starting to breakout a la pollution and my head is throbbing from the lack of sleep and.. Something. Probably allergic sinusitis.

Must get out pronto.

- to .. Nothing comes to mind, I'm in a dark place right now.

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Mi said...

Zyrtec zyrtec zyrtec!

For sleep and allergy. You know better ;)

A Journal Entry said...

when dusty, i put a wet towel under the door to block it from getting in.. i know, shway 7arakah mit5alfah but it works!
oo as mi said.. zyrtec is always there to the rescue!

Ruby Woo said...

Must get out now?

With your allergies you should stay put! And as mi said, "zyrtec zyrtec zyrtec"

CoutureCarrie said...

I hope you get out of your dark place asap. I am breaking out right now too :(
P.S. Love that blue croc bag!


eshda3wa said...


nawary said...

1 word: Mario Badesco's quick drying lotion (at harvey nix dubai's beyond beauty section) its a pinkish potion that dries breakouts while u sleep. warning doesnt smell or look cute. not the least bit lol but its my secret shhh x lol

Fastidious Babe said...

mi: si si e si! I do, and I did :P

a journal entry: i wish i could have a wet towel over my face when im out! or if i can connect one of those air purifiers to me at all times.. or something lol x

ruby woo: must get out of DUBAI now i what i meant :P x

CC: oh isn't it a total mood kill when u break out! ugh.. (the bag is actually python) xx

eshda3wa: alla ysalmch babe xx

nawary: I will definitely give it a shot.. although i found the perfect sticker-thingies lol u put them on the blemish, sleep.. et viola! u wake up sans bumps.. its AVOIDING breakouts thats giving me a hard time what with all the dust and all ... thanx 3al recommendation babe xx