Saturday, August 2, 2008

Haviana's Haven!

I just spent the day walking in heels, so when I set eyes on this (the first haviana's store in dubai) my feet just took me there.

This lead to that.

And so, I got my first pair of flip flops.

Still not liking how they look on me, but they really feel heavenly after a long day of torture!

- to comfy strolls x

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A Journal Entry said...

i wish i could wear flipflops for all occasions =/

Peony said...

welcome to my world. havanias=heaven! i have 4 pairs... one for every occasion ;p

Ruby Woo said...

Come on! How can you not like Haviana's? The work on all feet from of different shapes and sizes!

Bebe n' Noonie said...

allah I love eemm!!:*
I hate heels
tara heels give back problems in the future !!:/

nawary said...

ooo i love my gold "slim" havaianas. they are super flattering and come in handy in my huge tote whenever i go out for a pedicure or fear the arrival of deathly christian lou blisters ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

a journal entry: lol i'm more for a stiletto person :P

peony: lol well i can imagine how easy it is to pick one from each colour.. they really call out for u don't they :P

ruby woo: oh but my feet are beyond all "shapes n sizes" .. atleast thats how i feel about em :P

noonie: Yeah well.. everything comes with a price mais non? ;P

nawary: I now have a pair in the car for those "just incase" situations :D

Mi said...

havianas! didn't i tell you they're all around the streets of milan? they SO know we're gonna drop sometime soon xD

Oh and btw, u should keep a pair in your bag, and not in the car. It's why bags were made bigger.

Fastidious Babe said...

mi: lol when did i tell u about the car deal thing? :P yes yes i have one in my bag now.. at least im cutting down on the "grab a pair of whatever flats u've got" when im out shopping :P

u have to take pix babe.. i cannot over emphasize this enough xx

Fastidious Babe said...

oh i just answered my own q XD LOL *silly me*

Iris said...

I wish I can wear high heels once or twice LOL

I am fliflops addict sure thing :)

Fastidious Babe said...

iris: i can't blame u.. they really are super comfy! x

watchmekissthesky said...

where is the havianas shop?
I think I'm in desperate need of a pair cause my feet die a little everyday =] LOL

Fastidious Babe said...

its in souq al ba7ar.. mm that's around burj dubai..

watchmekissthesky said...

Oh I love souk al bahar I'll make sure to pass by and get me a pair ;) thanks alot <3