Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have no patients!

It could be a good thing if I meant "no one is sick anymore" but its not that..

When I say "everyone" is out of town, I mean literally: No one is here!

I am used to seeing around 30 patients a day, more or less.. But if I was to sum up the patients I saw this WEEK I would say they fell short of 20.. (That's in four days)!

One might say: quelle chance! You should enjoy the slow pace, savour the tranquillity et al.. But realistically.. Its just.. Boring!

To me, getting out of bed and going to work is such a big thing that I would rather not go to work than spend the day doing close to nothing at the clinic!

And after the first hour of journal updates (which are on summer break mode too), work emails, some paper work and chit chatting with the other doctors.. I pretty much have nothing to do but wait till a patient walks in.. To a person sans patience (like me ;p) its pure torture!

Its a summer thing, I'm told.. August is the slowest month for us here..

Its just not working for me though.. So I decided to take a few days off.. Might as well stay in bed till a decent hour and do something more time efficient with the rest of the day!

- to september! xx
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Shoush said...

Zain sawaitay. Take a break to recharge ur batteries and be prepapred for za7mat ma ba3d al9aif.

Mashala, there are quiet a few doctors around the Blogosphere. :)

nyxxie said...

I thought the work would pile up on the doctors back home now since lots of other doctors take leave at this time! enjoy the slower working days and enjoy your break :-)

Delicately Realistic said...

Good idea of taking a few days off since u wont be missing much.

When ur back u should take stuff u need to be done with u. Make lists, catch up on reading.....catch up on Quraan reading ba3ad a7san !

shmily said...

mashala a7es everyday i get to know something interesting about u,

which field are u specified in?

i think its true that August is the slowest month, btw i'm in the uk now and still its slow, i'm so homesick :(

lots of love and rain ur way =)

PinkChampagne said...

Baby girl I feel the begining it was great but these last few days for me have been trauma...patients arent showing up for surgeries lamo, theres a slowness, and my twice weekly on calls which exhaust me as I anxiously wait for the phone to ring are a waste of time because everyones outta here so we hardly get any emergencies just the elective cases that were already scheduled for the next day whom of which have now been reduced to a max of three or four rather than the 7 or 8 were used to operating on.
The work piles up at the surgical clinic because half the consultants are on leave but thats about it :S
God Im so bored and frustrated too...sometimes I wish I just slept in..but kudos to you for taking time off...I wanted to, but I didnt want to leave an extra load on the minority left in the team who are already suffering...p.s I dont know about surgery but I know in Family medicine the work will pile uppp in ramadan after iftar.
look on the bright side...use these days to finalize your winter wardrobe list..(and show me that lol!) ,to get ready for ramadan and do something decadent for yourself gorgeous.
Lots of love xx

A Journal Entry said...

the bes thing enna u took some days off.. it must be something in august! me 2 i can't stand how work is so booooring with nothing to do!
as soon as the watch hits 12.00 pm i;m like dying to get out!

Ruby Woo said...

When it's crowded you say ufff..
when it's empty you say ufff..

Lono said...

Dear take abreak I think for the best is it ur first time to stay home in aug. Ba3dain u will used to it then every month will be the same
Ba3dain should be happy no one sick :p
Best of luck

Cookies said...

it does get very boring sometimes .. i guess this is when u start to miss those busy days where u dont even have time for a quiet cup of coffee !

Fastidious Babe said...

shoush: exactly my thought! i know its going to get hectic once everyone comes back.. and its gonna be ramadan too!

nyxxie: work does pile up during summer time but this is more the case in a hospital setting.. we did have a bit of a shortage mid july in the clinic but right now everyone is back (except the patients that is)

delicately realistic: I do get stuff with me from home.. but there's something about the slowness that drains u..

shmily: god knows we do need a lotta rain our way! lol I'm doing family medicine right now babe.. enjoy london! xx

PC: I can assure you that i am well on my way with the fall shopping list lol and yes.. come september it going to get really hectic in the clinics.. ramadan too has its own set of patients who would rather come after iftar than during the day.. so that's another thing.. yalla inshalla khair! I know how the workload is during summer at hospitals though (we always used to get shortages and it was.. horrible really!) so u should definitely enjoy the slow pace if u can! will update u with my fall finds, did u like the fingerless gloves des chanel? xx

a journal entry: tell me about it! i am loving my first day off so far! lol xx

ruby woo: not really :P I just think that i should utilize my time in the best way possible without being overworked and stressed out about it.. ;)

lono: lol yes i should be happy in theory :P

cookies: no! i hate not having time for coffee! or not having much to do.. so i'm thinking..something in between would be just perfect :)

PinkChampagne said...

Loved it babe but they dont flatter anyone except supermodels...I saw them on Charlotte casaraghi <3<3 and they looked not so cute..Chanel makes gorgeous other gloves as well as their shorter versions...also loved the purple lambskin flap you posted which is actually reissued from 2005 for this season F/W get your name waitlisted. asap...stunning.

Fastidious Babe said...

PC oooh thanx for the tip! xx