Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Strappy Bootie!

Babouska from Gucci, Loved them on Mary Kate

Miu Miu

Cut-outs from Givenchy

Jimmy Choo as seen on Fergie

Cut-out booties, gold hardware and DETAILS are all big next season.. So is it a look u might go for?

- to the love of shoes x


Peony said...

hmm... i don't know.. i've got mixed feelings for this trend..

A Journal Entry said...

love the jimmy choo booties

Ruby Woo said...

I'm loving the miu miu's!
I think this new trend might work in a good way if kept to certain extents.
But so far, i'm getting good vibes off them! *fingers crossed*

Fastidious Babe said...

peony: maybe just one of them is ur thing.. straps and/or bootie and/or studs? or just none of the above? :P x

a journal entry: check them out on eva at the cartier charity event.. they look hot. HOWEVER.. they come in emerald green... and in real life.. they just didn't do it for me! xx

ruby woo: i feel exactly the same way about this XD xx

PinkChampagne said...

I love them! Absolutely appealing...I can see the first one with the new leather leggings and oversized tops with chunky rings and a gothic vibe...I already have the Choo python pair on my winter list because its so divine and the Givenchy ones are gorgeousness..where can I find this pair specifically? Its not on Browns

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: I think I saw them on browns! Will double check n let you know.. The choos are available in dubai (saw them yesterday).. So u might want to pass by before they sell out xx

powder said...

i cant imagin myself wearing these shoes ,if i wat to kill my feet i would wear them . im more of a haviana and roxy :D

Fastidious Babe said...

powder: yes im sure they're total killers x