Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The long overdue spring cleaning!

“Some people dream of swimming pools. I dream of closets!”

I am typing this amids piles and piles of clothes, bags, shoes, belts.. U name it, its here. I am in The Closet, my sacred shrine as my husband calls it lol.

I've been here since yesterday, trying to figure out how to free some space, and increase the turnover ;p

Its just that I hate throwing out stuff.. Each and every piece was hand picked and made mine. It reminds me of something, somewhere or someone.. It is this "sentimental value" that I find really hard to give up on.

I know that a bag from 3 seasons past is not leaving the closet (not on me anyways) anytime soon.. But how can I part with it when I had my name on the longest waiting list, waited on tip-toes and was walking on clouds for days when I got "the call" lol?

And let's not forget the shoes.

I have invaded most of my husband's closet space as is, and there's nothing left but to cancel out those pieces I do not need anymore.

Its much harder than it sounds!

- to an endless walk-in closet xx

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A Journal Entry said...

there's a rule that says: anything that has been in ur closet for more than two years without beeing worn should go.. a week after i implemented it i needed the garment that i gave away!
but 9ij .. try to stick to the rule.. coz it's only there coz ur attached to it..

Ansam said...

I second journal... if you haven't wear it for that long, then some less fortunate ones may do

which reminds me, I have to do my closet cleaning sometime sooooon

Anonymous said...

ee walla lazem ham ana i clean my closet :P thanx for the reminder ! :$ and u know whos closet i want !! ok nisait isimha :s .... SHISIMHA!! malat baby phat that asian model/designer!!! i always forget her name!!!!!!! hufffffff u know her right?

Anonymous said...

KIMORA!!!! kimor lee simons yes her ! ;p

Snowflake said...

I say build a new closet =) i can't for the life of me throw a gorgeous(or at the time of purchase was lol) piece out, like you said, that has sentimental value. I would MAKE room for them if i were to ever run out of space and that includes turning them into decorative items thrown here 'n there strategically :P Me thinks if the new closet idea doesn't sound doable, give them to people you know would love them and take care of them. That way you never feel bad and at the same time you feel happy for making someone else happy!


ruby said...

leave clothes u can always use them.
plus..u can never have enough shoes <3 <3 <3

SKITTLES said...

I hate throwing my stuff away. it shatters my heart. :'(

Ruby Woo said...

I hate cleaning up my closet. It makes me tear up every time! How can I give away my babies?

P-Ella said...

throw throw old things

bijou said...

mashala i never thought u'd b married allah y5aleech 7ag raylch w y5aleeh lech,

i know how u feel ur like me, there are some things that i can never ever part with, but sometimes things gota go

take some snaps of ur closet share the cave of wonders, just a peek ;)

f7ee7eely said...

I donate my old attire and shoes to our help in the house -- diwaniya boy-- chauffers and the cooks --

6abakhna got the Ferragamo shoes from last season -- our drivers got the aldo brues, gucci and cole haans -- the diwaniya boy got the prada drivers hehehehe

khashkha ehnoodnah

Anonymous said...

more girly stuff :P

Delicately Realistic said...

Ugh i went through the same thing recently....i am going to be redecorating soon to increase my closet space.... ;/ im miserable this way.....

Fastidious Babe said...

a journal entry: oh yeah thats another thing i worry about.. what if i throw something out and then something comes up and i really really need it lol *sigh* x

ansam: yes it totally makes sense to me.. its the application thats kinda hard to stick to x

enchanteurs: where have u been girl? and yeah KIMORA LEEE SIMONS lol mariah carrey has an amazing closet too! xx

snowflake: i decided to take over the guest bedroom's closet space.. but just for those items i REALLY can't bear to part with! xx

ruby: so true!

skittles: aww! some things have to get done though x

ruby woo: so u get what im talking about lol.. REALLY tough decisions to make when it comes to what goes where and what leaves for good XD

p-ella: okay :) lol

bijou: will do :)

f7ee7eely: lol i guess u guys don't put as much effort into choosing the stuff u get as we do.. so its easier when u throw it away :P

amu: always n forever :P

delicately realistic: I already have a whole room, plus my hubby's space (around 65% of it) and now.. i started invading the guest bedroom lol its sad really xx