Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is it really over?

We all seek action, drama, that something to "keep us going" as my friend once called it..

As we get older.. Those precious moments of everything new, a new crush, a new job, a new love a new car, tend to wear off.. We run out of firsts and the rush of excitement we usd to get from them..

Me and my friends (all married now) had a get together and went through what we think is the problem with us right now.. Why aren't we as high on life as we were a few years ago.. Ah to be 21 and devoid of scepticism and cynicism..

And we came up with this.. We simply lack action, that umph we used to get when we hang out and discuss a new relationship, job mishap, outfit, or breakup.. It was the drama that kept us going.. That made every day special.. In its own way..

But if we are finding it hard to settle down after setting the bar so high pre-settling down.. How are all those women doing it?

One of the girls suggested that "they get their kicks out of pregnancy.. And raising kids.. And basically having their lives revolve around the upbringing of healthy well bread individuals into this world"

But this can't be the only solution!

We, all four of us, are working women, with a full time job and extras, we spend time with our families, husbands, gals, department stores and shoes.. We do all there is to do.. But there is a void still.. Where our stories used to be..

And then one of them jumped in: I watch noor!


She went like: it has enough drama to keep me going!

So with this I ask you.. After a certain age, when ur fresh out of firsts.. What do you do to get ur dose of drama?

Or should it be a thing in the past, and the present is better left still, sans ripples?

- to drama queens everywhere xx

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Delicately Realistic said...

That kinda depressed me ;/ i still have quite a few firsts to go....but still...the thought that they will end sooner or disconcerting ;/

Big Pearls said...

Hmmm that's why I still didn't have my first child, I am worried I will have no firsts anymore;)

eshda3wa said...


i duno

i still have a few firsts left in me

ill get back to u in a few years

Layla said...

"And we came up with this.. We simply lack action, that umph we used to get when we hang out and discuss a new relationship, job mishap, outfit, or breakup.. It was the drama that kept us going.. That made every day special.. In its own way.."

I'm 21 & you said it all, that's what gives me a drama everyday. Those things you've mentioned. & Yet, i get the feeling of no actions in my life. Right after graduation i was like Okay so what's next! I need to work, So what's next! That question keeps haunting me every second. I don't want to have a dull life afterwards.

I feel like in every age there is an Action involved on it & yes ur friend was right, after marriage nothing spice it up other than children. That's a whole new drama and chapter of life.

remodel your house, maybe it will give u a boost ;) or have a romantic vacation somewhere exotic. LOL kill the time.

A Journal Entry said...

yeah i kinda feel like i'm getting older and there's no really interesting things going around in my life..

i think bringing up children as u said fills that void and it would be something new.. but if i did take this big step i don't wanna be one of those mothers whos life compeletely revolve around their children..

Ruby Woo said...

I have no right to comment here..

see i'm only 20, I'm not bored. Yet!

Mi said...

Maybe stop thinking of what's next? Act wise? Like try to be less of drama queens. I don't know! Thinking of this brings me headache.

Baroque said...


u sound like a middle aged spinster who stays cooped up at home every day cooking, eating and sleeping..

calm down!

action never fades away, life without action is not worth living, you go thru bouts of stagnation at times, wishing you an action packed life xx

PinkChampagne said...

I loved loved loved this post!
Its been a conversation Ive been having with my bestie since last winter...seriously its one of the main reasons why I just cant bring myself to settle down, as much as Id like to...I keep asking this it? is the thrill really over? Will it go downhill and predictable from here?
Maybe it stems from the fact that our early twenties were a self discovery era where everything was experienced with fresh eyes and a craving for more...if youre inquisitive and freespirited you really threw yourself into it and afterwards you find yourself drifting on a slower calmer shore and youre in the aftermath thinking youve done everything you could possibly want to or didnt even want to...and the question rears its this it?
Its the novelty of newness that wears off, the honest to god unpredictability of what another day would carry minimalizing before your eyes, and getting used to the calmness is took me forever to adjust and the normalness of everything freaked me still does sometimes but its replaced with a slow burning boredom that I squash intensely everytime my desire for excitement ignites, because I cant keep up with the pace of drama that used to find me in my life...the only thing I can do is keep the door open to posibilities and not limit myself with a definite framework of plans..I think its a form of denial >.<


Fastidious Babe said...

delicately realistic: i do have friends who are coping pretty well really.. i think it depends on one's nature and threshold.. so its not all depressing :P xx

BP: lol exactly my thoughts on the matter! xx

eshda3wa: lol atrayach :P

layla: lol its not about killing time.. its about that "excitement" u get frome not knowing what comes next.. ur prolly getting that with ur babes all the time now ;) x

a journal entry: funny i always say im not gonna be one of those moms, but all my friends seem to think its exactly how im gonna turn out!

ruby woo: enjoy babe :P

mi: act wise? LOL REALLY?! okayyyyy i thought we agreed on the whole lil miss wise thing.. shaklch ur having second thought :P

baroque: its not just about the boredom.. mm i guess its one of those situations u have to be in to really get :)

PC: YES! it is a form of denial.. lol i should know.. i guess another part of it is us setting the bar too high earlier.. and everything u said is exactly what my post is about...u reminded me of one of the girls who keeps telling us that "we're too old for all the commotion" but i say NO! lol seriously.. its what life is all about! mais sometimes we just have to slow down...c'est la vie eh?!

oh and i must add.. thank you for getting this post just like it was intended xxx

Fury said...

I posted something on similar topic when I was going through depressive phase og my bipolar:P...
"I believe that you've had most of your important memories by the time you're thirty. After that, memory becomes water overflowing into an already full cup. New experiences just don't register in the same way or with the same impact."
we become used to viewing everything with a cynical eye,and it takes most of the excitement away.Its the over analysing,I tell you.:)

Fastidious Babe said...

ah whart words of wisdom! nothing like the ramblings of a blue heart! and yes its all about the over-analyzing.. when will we give it a REST! lol xx

Anonymous said...

I love how you put it... it's so true that the excitement wears off when you are done with "firsts."

I get very agitated when my life becomes monotonous. I am not married with children... but i've covered all other firsts...

...and graduate school was my solution. I seek challenges... always... and that's what keeps me going.

Single and Fabulous Emirati said...

ah, so true ! you gave me something to think about this morning !

Liked the topic !

Enchanteurs said...


DxBroSe said...

I'd say TRAVEL!!

Ansam said...

time for a new post :-P

Delicately Realistic said...

Hello...? China its not like u to stop updating ??

Fastidious Babe said...

likeairillrise: its always good to be able to focus our energies on something constructive :)

single and fabulous emarati: welcome abroad! x

enchanteurs :P lol u a drama queen then? :P

dxbrose: it takes more than just that.. :)

ansam: missed u guys.. will update as soon as i can! kinda swamped with work and .. stuff lol xx

delicately realistic: i decided to give it a rest :P will update soon babe xx

nyxxie said...

i love this post its so original and honestly i feel it's so true.. everyone should find a passion in life and do something with it!