Sunday, September 21, 2008

21st of September

To everyone born today, I wish u a very happy birthday..

And a special squishy hug goes to Mi.. may ur year be everything u want it to be x 10000 love u babe xxx

As a taurus, I have found myself attracting, and having the best relationships ever with virgos.. They know how we work.. And we just.. "Click"..

On another note, other people born today include: nichole richie, rachel ray, stephen king, and faith hill..

Do you believe in horoscope matches? And if so, what star sign holds your match made in heaven?

- to virgos everywhere xx
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Big Pearls said...

Happy Birthday to your friends:)

Ruby Woo said...

it is ur birthday or ur friend's birthday?

Mi said...

xxxxXO thaaaaaaaaaaanks baabe!!! *HUgTiGHT*

U should know innch U are the mosst gorgeous M. I mean, just for the record. *SMOOCHES*

Delicately Realistic said...

Happy Birthday to ur friends!

And my matches are cancer and sagittarius!!

3anooda said...

i attract and am usually attracted to scorpios. supposedly we are a very good match as im a cancer.

im still single

Layla said...

They say Pisces & Cancer are the perfect match/ soul mates of all the signs. & judging from an experience, it was the Worsssst. So I stopped believing in signs.

I suggest you find out about numerology & your lucky number. It's soo accurate & it was known centuries before :)

Fastidious Babe said...

BP: thanx sweets!

ruby woo: my friends'


DR: thanx :) i dont have the best relationships with cancers!

anooda: but its not about finding "the one" even ur friends can suit u better if they have certain characteristics

layla: i blv that certain star signs have certain dispositions that work well together >> but there is more to it: like the year u were born (chinese zodiac) and numerology

Ansam said...

I am a taurus too :-D
and I dont believe in starsigns when its day-to-day predictions, but I like how they group them and specify characteristics/traits for each sign! its pretty interesting

Rewind said...

Yes I do. I'm a Cancerian and I LOVE Virgos and Capricorns because of my good history with them. They look so complicated but they're so sweet and such babies once they open up!

eshda3wa said...

i dont believe in horscopes
but HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone born today
two of my best friends today too!!

3anooda said...

PS. I invented my own tag. I need answers. Help me out.

Fastidious Babe said...

ansam: me too, i dont buy the whole "what u should do today" crap, but yes, i think that people born in a certain date act similarly..

rewind: im surrounded by virgos, and they are anything but sweet :P lol but i love them none the less xD

eshda3wa: wow! u too huh?