Saturday, September 13, 2008

Useless once broken..

I blv that the strength of a person comes from his spirit, that inner core that drives him to live, and love and be productive..

Your spirit, in my opinion, is partly derived from ur personality, the circumstances ( present, and past) and the support network you have formed (be it emotional, spiritual or physical support)..

Everyday, you wake up.. Face your day, with all its challenges, joys, and if ur lucky.. adventures.. And with every good day, ur spirit grows stronger, more alive and solid..

To say that a spirit would break might sound mega dramatic, maybe impossible to some, but there are certain experiences that touch ur core, and leave an impact deep down that ur spirit might crack under the pressure, add onto that a similar experience, lack of support, or a personality defect (very normal post traumatically).. And there goes ur spirit. Split in half.

Is it possible to repair something that took years and years to perfect?

Sometimes, u find a temporary solution, a band aid if u may call it. If u are lucky enough, u can heal with time.

Other times, it can backfire and u'ld end up with more pieces that u started with.

I wonder if this post is too vague, or too abstract for u to get, but it is something I had to get off my chest, as I sit here, stuck in traffic, wondering if I'm past damage control, or if some miracle will make it all better.

Because right now, the only power I blv in is that of a divine intervention.

- to the good old days when everything was clear cut and solid.

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ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i can totally relate to what youre saying, but i somehow disagree

i dont know if the spirit aactually breaks. i mean, i know what you mean, when you lose that will to keep going when life screws you over one time after the other. but we all manage to get up somehow and keep moving. and i think wat keeps us going is that spirit, because i believe its the one thing in us that can never break, and that will always be there no matter what. its what no one can take away from us. its what nothing can break in us.

good luck sweetie, and i do wish you that divine intervention too ;**
i hope things work out for you...

eshda3wa said...

ofcourse ur spirit get broken
it gets shattered to piece
and putting it back to the way it used to be is near impossible
u can attempt u

but its never gna be the same

it drains u and everyone around u

3anooda said...

OMG u just read my mind

yes i beleive the spirit does break. but i also beleive that its liek a jigsaw puzzle where the peices all fit together. but everytime u try to fit them back together, you come out with a new and altered perspective on life.

therefore technically ur spirit is not longer broken yet it is no longer what it used to be

Ansam said...

Is it possible to repair something that took years and years to perfect? ??

Only time and faith can help :-)

Sometimes when spirits break it can be glued back together but it may show traces... that it was once broken!

Big Pearls said...

nicely written..and I think yes, it does break

Anonymous said...

I don't think your spirit breaks... but maybe it dims a little... and for a second you just want the world to STOP!! so that you can take in whats happening because it hits u so strong... I know that feeling... and I know that when your feeling it u can't seem to find the light... you can't find the faith... even hope... but they'll show up in time... time will make it better... I promise;*

Delicately Realistic said...

I agree 100% and dont worry, ur spirit is strong enough to handle anything ;)

Fastidious Babe said...

dandoon: thanx babe x

eshda3wa: i guess different people handle it differently.. strength not only comes from within but from the people around u, from ur faith.. from so many things.. that's why some spirits break, and others don't..

3anooda: i must say i LOVE the jigsaw image.. and i totally agree.. once broken, never the same.. but put back into place none the less.. :)

ansam: time does heal all :)

BP: thank you :)

purelyorchid: having hope gives ur spirit strength too.. so finding that light helps it heal from within.. :)

DR: lol somehow everyone seems to think so.. but i guess when ur "in" a situation u kinda see things differently.. lose perspective even .. :)

nyxxie said...

khally imanech b'Allah gwee and no matter what happens you won't break.. <3