Thursday, September 18, 2008

And then this happened :)

So here i was, at work, mwa9la.. (as usual).. sleep deprived and with 1001 life defining questions gushing in my head.. when i bumped into derek.. (from here )

Me: oh.. Hey!

Him: Hi!!

Me: Remember me? XD

Him: Ofcourse i do, how have u been

Me: (fighting the attempt to blurt out "FUCKED") I'm okay.. just passing by to get my letters of recommendation, you wouldn't happen to remember how working with me was?

Him: I do remember one thing.. u stuck out..

Me: mmm I'm hoping that's a good thing

Him: Well yes, u question everything, and thats a really good thing to see for a change..

Me: oh! :)))

Him: so there's your compliment for the day :P

Me: thanks I'm flattered..

AND THEN.. without even a second thought (i'm blaming the lack of sleep) i went like


awkward pose.

Him: its a good thing, trust me.. ur gonna find ur way eventually..

Me: I'm sorry its just that i haven't slept for a while now, and things kinda pile up and i try to look at it critically and see it from all the different aspects.. but i really cannot do this anymore! (got all flushed, then had a reality check, this is NOT my therapist wtf am i doing?)

Him: Just let it be.. things usually fall into place eventually.. and when u know.. u know :) Trust me, its much better to question things than have a passive approach to life, its refreshing to see someone do that for a change...

we chit chatted a bit more about life, options and opportunities..

and i walked away feeling much better than i did in a long long time!

So this one goes to u.. Derek, for pulling me out of my dynamo and saying just the right thing i needed to hear.. that something sane, the reminder we all need from time to time that yes, we are going in the right direction, that all is not in vain

Sometimes,its all you need to hear.

- to better times xx

PS. I am seriously slacking spiritually, i hope you guys are making the most out of ramadan though!


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this is why its dangerous to go to work mwa9la ;)
its nice how he made your day though ;)

A Journal Entry said...

speaking out whatever u have bottled up works like a charm!

PinkChampagne said...

Cheers to that F.B Im glad there was some sparkle to your day xx

p.s Is he Derek McDreamy cuteness?

Fastidious Babe said...

dandoon: it so totally is.. im still up and khrt-haa bigtime later XD

a journal entry: yes it does, it doesnt really matter who u say it to.. just pretty much talking about it does the job! x

PC: lol he so is ;)

eshda3wa said...

some times the randomest ppl make our day

nyxxie said...

noooooooo never go to work mwa9la!

Ansam said...

I cant remember the last time ana kent emwasla... I worship sleeping/relaxing time... but my energy is drained and I need a back or foot massage soon! LOL

Big Pearls said...

oh ana ma agdar awa9el.

Fastidious Babe said...

eshda3wa: yes, i love when that happens :)

nyxxie: I KNOW! mais sometimes u just have to!

ansam: i must get a massage soon too! just cant seem to find the time!

bp: lol like never ever? zain mftakka!

Armariwaposa said...

Luv the background n colors !