Saturday, November 29, 2008

Up and Coming Events:

Nov 30th: the first cupcake bar opens in Dubai :) *i am SO excited!!!!*

Dec 2: UAE's 37th National Day! yaaiy us! two days off work and a kickass party on the 1st! (basket of ribbons found at work) lol

December 10th: Maroon 5 in Dubai

Dec 11th: The Dubai International Film Festival (Australia, Valentino- the documentary, and Francaise are among the movies on my MUST WATCH list)

Dec 14th: Brown Book Mag 2nd year Anniversary party!

- to being in the loop lol xx


Mi said...

I LOOOOOVE THE POST! Dubaaaaaaaaaaaai is the most amazing <3

Baroque said...

someone's going to have a packed month xx

keep us updated.

Ps.Maroon 5 rocks!

A Journal Entry said...

i'll be in duabi shortly for a quick visit.. i'll make sure to pass by that cupcake bar =D

A Journal Entry said...

ohh and happy national day in advance! ;D

purelyorchid said...

I love brown book mag!! Happy birthday to them;p

Fastidious Babe said...

Mi: merci ya 2albeeee XxxX you should come more often!

Baroque: will do xxx

A journal entry: thaaaaanx babe! and yes u should! x

purelyorchid: fabulous mag indeed xx

nawary said...

it will certainly be a busy december here!! the brownbook event tops my agenda! x

Ansam said...

busy fun schedule ahead for you.... have loads of fun :-D