Friday, November 28, 2008

Polyvore, clicks and news

Sweet as a cupcake by fastidious.babe

wtf! lol

Queen Elizabeth 2 gets to Dubai (after 40 years of cruising)

People welcoming the luxury cruise ship to its new home: a specially constructed pier at the Palm Jumeirah, where it will run as a floating hotel following renovations (till 2010).

*Pics from Arabian Business*

- to friday's spent with family, friends and loved ones.. xx


Princess Famme said...

I love your Polyvores V.Creative

Princess Famme said...

are you in fashion !

Notorious said...

love the shades :)

sadia said...

lol @ xxx from dubai!

Karamilah said...

first i saw the camels postcard, then i saw ur comment on it, i craked up laughing.

nice blog

Aljoud said...

lol @ the camel postcard!
loved this friday's polyvore. sexyyyy.

Fastidious Babe said...

Princess Famme: thanx! and nope i'm not in the fashion industry per se, but i am definitely into fashion.. waay into fashion lol xx

Notorious: me too xx

sadia: i know! lol

Karamilah: thanx babe :)

Aljoud: glad u did xx

Anonymous said...

where's my comment?

Fastidious Babe said...

what comment?